Tok Tok

Toktok is basically just a couple of lodges beside a stream which is home to a micro hydro electric project and some li

  • Altitude: 2,710 m

While Khunde adjoins Khumjung, it is a completely separate community. It has the well equipped Khunde Hospital which ca

  • Altitude: 3,860 m

Junbesi is named after the moon. Specifically, Junbesi is believed to be the place where the moon (Jun) comes down belo

  • Altitude: 2,701 m
Phortse Tenga

Located on both sides of the Dudh Koshi River, this three lodge affair is the perfect place to grab a quick bite or a c

  • Altitude: 3,600 m

Bengkar offers the first view of Mt. Thamserku, another local divinity. There is also a small waterfall pool here.

  • Altitude: 2,740 m
Zam Phute

Zam Phute is simply an extension of Phakding village and has decent accommodation if you are looking for some quiet tim

  • Altitude: 2,710 m
Namche Bazaar

Welcome to the Heart of Khumbu. This village which is built on an ancient cirque is the largest of all Sherpa settlemen

  • Altitude: 3,460 m

Syangboche like Lukla is another airport town. But somehow it just hasn't been able to take off. It only sees occasiona

  • Altitude: 3,750 m

Khumjung is hands down the most beautiful village in Khumbu. This spread out village with uniformly green roofs blends

  • Altitude: 3,780 m

Phakding used to be the source of white micaceous clay which was used to whitewash house walls. And this is what the wo

  • Altitude: 2,620 m

Thukla, also known as Dughla, lies at the very end of the Khumbu glacier and is usually just a lunch stop. However, if

  • Altitude: 4,615 m

Lukla owes its present form to that great legend, Sir Edmund Hillary. The original airstrip was built in 1964 by Hillar

  • Altitude: 2,850 m

Chheplung village is the perfect model for how the trail is going to be until one enters the National Park; lodges afte

  • Altitude: 2,670 m
Thado Koshi

Thado Koshi means precipitous stream and as you cross the bridge built by the Kadoorie Foundation, you will see one. Th

  • Altitude: 2,550 m

Ghat continues the endless stream of lodges. However, at the northern end of town is the privately owned Yulnging Gompa

  • Altitude: 2,580 m

Chumoa has a couple of lodges and a TIMS checkpost. There is also a large rock enclave along the trail that the locals

  • Altitude: 2,780 m

Monjo is the last village before the Sagarmatha National Park and is quite a sight during late May when there is a prof

  • Altitude: 2,820 m

Jorsalle is the first settlement inside the National Park and the last one before Namche which is at least 2 hrs furthe

  • Altitude: 2,810 m

Kyangjuma is the perfect place to quietly breathe in the mountain scenery. A little beyond Kyangjuma is the meeting poi

  • Altitude: 3,610 m

Sanasa has a few homely lodges and many souvenir stands.

  • Altitude: 3,600 m

Leushyasa is basically just a few teahouses. There is also a small nursery run by the National Park here.

  • Altitude: 3,460 m
Phungi Tenga

Phunki Tenga beside the Dudh Koshi River is a good spot for Himalayan Griffons which nest in cliffs further up along th

  • Altitude: 3,315 m

Tengboche has something of a charm about it. The famous Tengboche Gompa has a part to play in this, but the beautiful b

  • Altitude: 3,860 m

Like Tengboche, Deboche is a monastic settlement established by Lama Gulu for the benefit of nuns. It is also a quiet a

  • Altitude: 3,740 m
Lower Pangboche

Lower Pangboche is simply a touristic extension of the old village of Pangboche higher up. It also used to be the upper

  • Altitude: 3,950 m

Syomare is the first settlement after you cross the tree line. While it is little more than a lunch stop, basic accommo

  • Altitude: 4,060 m

Orsho is just a one lodge affair. It is also the place where Everest is finally eclipsed by the Lhotse-Nuptse wall. Nex

  • Altitude: 4,100 m

Dingboche which used to be a summer settlement for yak grazing, now caters to trekkers year round. Located about 1,000m

  • Altitude: 4,340 m

Chukung is an important acclimatization spot for trekkers traversing through Kong Ma pass. And if you end up having a r

  • Altitude: 4,735 m

Pangboche is an idyllic village and its roots go back to the time of Lama Sanga Dorje, the patron saint of Khumbu. Supp

  • Altitude: 4,020 m

Beautifully set at the foot of Taboche, this quiet village is a gem. The valley in which Phortse is located has the hig

  • Altitude: 3,780 m

Tucked safely in a corner near the meeting point of Lobuche and Khumbu glaciers, this place offers some of the most bre

  • Altitude: 4,930 m

Gorakshep marks the end of lodges and will be your base camp for your trips to the Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar.

  • Altitude: 5,170 m

Mong makes us wonder why all places associated with holy men are so idyllic. And this village said to be the birthplace

  • Altitude: 3,950 m

Placed on the bank of Bhote Koshi river, Tarnga is mostly a lunch places on the route between Thame to Lungdeng.

  • Altitude: 4,020 m

Thamo is a small village located southeast of Thame. The village is collection of old stone houses surrounding the ruin

  • Altitude: 3,480 m

This small Sherpa village sits beneath the mountain wall of the Kongde peak. It is home to three of the finest mountain

  • Altitude: 3,785 m

Dole is a small grassland just above the valley of streams. Very unlikely to how it looks, but the meaning of Dole bas

  • Altitude: 4,050 m

Lungden is a small tea house settlement just after/before Renjo La. Being a popular rest spot of trekkers who are heade

  • Altitude: 4,375 m

Located north of Dole and south of Machhermo, Luza is a great view point overlooking over 7 moutains above 6000ms; a gr

  • Altitude: 4,330 m

Machhermo is a small stop with few tea houses and tons of mountains. Yes, more mountains. The place is quite popular as

  • Altitude: 4,410 m

Lopharma falls on the route between Luza and Dole and contains a few tea houses and with views of Cholatse on the East

  • Altitude: 4,285 m

Thagnak is a popular rest spot after the long traverse of Cho La pass. Don’t be confused you were expecting Dragnag, it

  • Altitude: 4,700 m

Located above Bhote Koshi river, Samde lies between Thamu and Thame on the route to Renjo pass from Namche. Views of Sh

  • Altitude: 3,655 m

Tucked into the top of the ridge between Lobuche and Cho La pass, Dzongla is a small village with few teahouses. It is

  • Altitude: 4,830 m
Cho Pass

This pass between Lobuche and Gokyo is locally known as ”Tso La” which literally means, the lake pass. Don’t get excite

  • Altitude: 5,360 m
Renjo Pass

This majesty at 5417m/17772 ft is also known as Lenjo La. The pass connects Gokyo Valley with Thame region. In between

  • Altitude: 5,367 m
Kong Ma Pass

Kongma La means, “Tibetan Snowcock Pass”. At the altitude of 5535 m / 18159 ft, Kongma La is the highest amongst the th

  • Altitude: 5,535 m

After reaching Goyem, take alook back. You'll probably be overrun with instant relief when you look back at the path yo

  • Altitude: 3,040 m

When the first of the mountaineers passed through Jiri on their way to Everest, they must have acknowledged the landsca

  • Altitude: 1,946 m

Mali is a small village with few tea shops. Once, Mali was a popular first-day tea stop for trekkers and locals coming

  • Altitude: 1,930 m

Named after the temple of Shiva, the town of Shivalaya is a usual first-day rest for trekkers who started from Jiri. Th

  • Altitude: 1,795 m
Deurali A

Deurali, meaning pass in Nepali, is a very common name to hear when you are in the mountains of Nepal. Just like every

  • Altitude: 1,812 m

Bamti Bhandar, also known as Chyangma among the locals, sits on an elevated plain above the Likhu River. The town of Ba

  • Altitude: 2,254 m

Kinja is a small village of a few teahouses and construction equipments. Situated in a narrow valley where the Likhu me

  • Altitude: 1,646 m

Dagchha is a hope for your legs after the long ascent from Kinja. If your legs are dying to rest, you could stay here.

  • Altitude: 2,907 m
Lamjura La

At 3500 meters, Lamjura La is the highest point of your trek from Jiri to Lukla and whether you are walking or flying t

  • Altitude: 3,528 m
Traksindo La

Traksindo La is one of the major passes that will lead you towards the Dudhkoshi Valley. From the pass, you have a spec

  • Altitude: 3,067 m

Once believed to be a lake, Surke is a town built upon a fertile land and damp environment. Surke is situated on the bo

  • Altitude: 2,535 m

Mules, yaks, and horses make up more than half the population of the town. Being the last town in Northern Solukhumbu c

  • Altitude: 2,208 m

With a panoramic view of Khari la, Khari Khola and Chutok la to the valley you would have to walk for next few days ahe

  • Altitude: 2,345 m
Khari La

After the monstrous climb ahead out of Bhupsa, Khari La is there to give you a climax of reaching the top. With a panor

  • Altitude: 2,788 m

Jubing is the only Rai settlement in the region after Sete. At the altitude of 2,003 meters, Jubing is a farmer's heave

  • Altitude: 2,003 m

Located at the foothill of Kajyo Ri and south of Lundgen, Marlung is a river side settlement. Marlung is one of the lar

  • Altitude: 4,160 m

After quite a climb past Jubing along a muddy trail, moon dusted by the dance of mules, you will reach Kharikhola. Past

  • Altitude: 2,022 m

Puiyan is a beautiful settlement of tea houses which sits on the bottom of towering hill. Puiyan is the popular overni

  • Altitude: 2,767 m

Chheubaas is a small village with two lodges. Though, it is not a popular stop for travelers, anyone who has stayed her

  • Altitude: 2,783 m

On the way towards of Chaurikharka, Mushe is a small local settlement of farmers. Most trekkers pass through this villa

  • Altitude: 2,557 m

ChauriKharka means grazing grassland for yaks. And the village surely is built upon humongous grasslands. Once you get

  • Altitude: 2,645 m

Phaplu is the town with the airport. Yes, an airport which does have a regular flight. However, unlike Lukla, Phaplu ai

  • Altitude: 2,485 m
Chiwong Monastery

The pride of lower solu, Chiwong Chhyang - Chup Monastery is perched a cliff, above Phaplu and the village of Chiwong i

  • Altitude: 2,938 m

Sete sits on a side of a hill almost looking heavenly with green vegetable fields and beautiful houses. Towards the wes

  • Altitude: 2,535 m

After days of walking, finally the moment has come to meet Chomolungma, the Mother Goddess of the world, also more popu

  • Altitude: 3,010 m

Chiwong is a small village below a towering cliff. Some restaurants have been built on the side of the road and you wil

  • Altitude: 2,494 m
Solu Salleri

Salleri is the administrative headquarter of the region. A melting point of different cultures and businesses, Salleri

  • Altitude: 2,208 m

Sallung is a small settlement one will come across on this trip. This is a logical resting spot in terms of distance, t

  • Altitude: 2,975 m

What is your thing? Apple, cheese, apricot, cider or mountains? Welcome to Ringmo. Here there are treats in store for t

  • Altitude: 2,736 m

Gokyo Kharka is a lesser known name of this stop. Named after the third lake the settlement now goes by the name of Gok

  • Altitude: 4,750 m

Phurte is the first settlement after Namche or lasts before depending on which way you started this journey. It is a be

  • Altitude: 3,500 m
  • Altitude: 2,891 m
  • Altitude: 2,683 m
Sibuje / Chatuk
  • Altitude: 2,686 m
  • Altitude: 2,373 m
  • Altitude: 4,266 m
  • Altitude: 4,880 m
  • Altitude: 3,592 m
  • Altitude: 3,522 m

Nestled in a valley sculpted by the Khumbu glacier, Pheriche used to be a summer settlement that got a facelift after t

  • Altitude: 4,250 m

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Going to the mountains
is going home.’
- John Muir
Great things are done when
men and mountains meet.’
- William Blake
There is no such thing as bad weather,
only inappropriate clothing.’
- Sir Ranulph Fiennes
Going to the mountains
is going home.’
- John Muir
Great things are done when
men and mountains meet.’
- William Blake
There is no such thing as bad weather,
only inappropriate clothing.’
- Sir Ranulph Fiennes