THAME - Mountain view

  • 3785 meters

This small Sherpa village sits beneath the mountain wall of the Kongde peak. It is home to three of the finest mountaineers to ever step on Earth. Apa Sherpa (summited Everest 21 times) and Apa Rita Sherpa (Summited Everest 11 times) were born here, and Tenzing Norgay (summited Mount Everest along with Edmund Hillary) spent his childhood here. For attractions, Thame holds its secrets in the old Thame monastery. Every year the Mani Rimdu festival is held here which is a delight to watch. From Thame, the trail deviates to the west to Tesi Lapcha pass (5755 m) and onto Rolwaling valley. Towards the north, it takes you to Ranjo la (5345 m) and also to Nangpa la (5716 m) which is not allowed to climb.