HoneyGuide goes ‘Wild West’ with Tourism Development Society (TDS)


Hands Down! Mountains are the unparalleled attractions that differentiate Nepal from the whole wide world. No wonder, Nepal sees a large number of trekkers every year- the population only increasing! But let’s admit, there also lies a huge fraction of the population in the world, who loves traveling leisurely. Today’s travelers have evolved to people who are looking to indulge in local experiences and are keen be exposed to in-depth knowledge of anything they are interested in.

People from West Nepal
Faces of Mahendranagar. Photo Credit: Ashim GC

Respecting the larger perspectives, HoneyGuide, partnering with The Tourism development Society (TDS) of Far Western Region, would like to officially announce that HoneyGuide will make an App to promote the highly overlooked, yet one of the most potential Tourism destinations of Nepal, ‘The Wild West’. It will be available to download both on Google’s Play Store as well as Apple’s App Store. The prime focus of the App, which will be branded under ‘Tourism Development Society’ is the Terai belt of the Western Region of Nepal from Nepalgunj to Mahendranagar. Despite the obvious reasons for being a home to the amazingly diverse wildlife, this virgin beauty of the West also shelters the remnants of the history, archaeology, religious monuments, deep-rooted local culture, and many more unheard stories. read more

Biku’s Guide to Panauti

Biku is a colorful man from Panauti. He can’t read English, but when I asked for a picture, I got this:

Biku Narayan Tamrakar
Biku ‘reading’ an English Daily.

Among other things, Biku also loves to show people around his town of Panauti and as I witnessed firsthand, in these tours you will get occasional detours to a tea shop to buy some milk, a pen from a casino in Macao as a gift and a free copy of his biography!! Despite the rather unconventional tour that I got, I dedicate this conventional Panauti Guide to Biku. Errors are all mine. 🙂

In a single line, Panauti is hidden, homely and authentic. read more

Traveller’s Tales From Nepal -4

Ghandruk, poonhill Trek

Story By: Ujani Khadka (An aspiring Tourist Guide)
Destination: Ghandruk (Ghorepani Poonhill Trek)

The excitement of traveling to a new place is something really precious to me. It kind of satiates your nomadic streak. They say we find ourselves while traveling. Even though we feel so tired and hungry traveling never fails to feed our soul. I was visiting Ghandruk for the first time along with my friends.We had walked for 5 hours and still needed to walk for some hours to reach the destination. Well, at first, we were singing our hearts out and doing all those weird stuff that people normally do while traveling but after a while, we realized our battery was getting low and we did not know where we were stuck. There was not much charge left in anybody’s mobile and the initial excitement turned into fear. “What if we are walking the wrong way?””What if some wild animal just happened to come across us?””What if we get lost in this midst of forest?” These were some questions that bothered us. I was freaking out. It was the first time I was experiencing something like that. Nobody was talking to each other because everyone was freaked out. read more

Traveller’s Tales From Nepal -3

Dhumba Lake, a sidetrip from Jomsom [Annapurna Circuit Trek]

Story By: Ujjwal Silwal
Destination: Way to Dhumba Lake, Jomsom (Annapurna Circuit Trek)

It was like a scene from some movie or we felt it that way because it was so distant from reality. I, along with two of my friends, after reaching Jomsom, decided to climb to Dhumba Lake. We were on our way to Muktinath and had reached Jomsom on the third day of our trip. We were so excited to be in the mountains, see them up close and were filled with fervor and immense zeal that we could not simply stay in our hotels for the remaining part of the day. It is then we found out about the lake after inquiring the locals if there were any side trips we could go. Despite the fact that we did not have any maps with us and only knew it’s whereabouts as per the description given to us by the locals, we were eager to follow the call of the mountain and tread our souls to the playground of mother nature (Maybe it was not that poetic when we started the trip but we were truly excited). read more

The Inspiring Journal of a Young Nepali Traveler who is Mapping the 75 Districts of Nepal on Foot! (Part II)

Before starting the rest of the story, we would like to introduce you all to Suman Karki,  the second member of this adventurous journey who fearlessly held Abhay’s hand to make this journey happen. And if you don’t know how the journey started. Find out on The Inspiring Journal of a young Nepali Traveler who is Mapping the 75 Districts of Nepal on Foot! (Part I)

Suman Karki, the soul of the journey!

“I was already 2 years in abroad. The time was hard. Getting all things as I desire there was still something which was haunting me down. Which was taking towards the darkest destination. I used to deal with different feelings and thoughts everyday. I was lost in my own world like a mad in front of this society. I was not able to find myself. I tried to do something which would last long but it was not being possible. I wanted to go somewhere , where I could feel free and think for while. I was just hoping for some miracle. I still remember when my friend Max shared the plan of the trip with me, without thinking for a second , I replied ‘Yes!,’. Well it took almost 1 month to start the journey from that yes. The plan was not to travel the 75 districts at first. But as we began, we promised to do 75 district on foot. Without penny was difficult, but I’m sure the situation would not be bad as I was in now. I wanted to be lost for while and I got a friend to take me in that Wanderland . Thank you Max, we are gonna get it bro. Please Keep following the story.” – Suman Karki  read more

The Inspiring Journal of a Young Nepali Traveler who is Mapping the 75 Districts of Nepal on Foot!

‘Max’ Abhay Pokhrel is just like any other 20 year old, except he is not. Most of us dream of places far and wide and plan on wild adventures while we are piss drunk. But we never really have the courage to pack up our bags. In our desire to be ‘someone’ we have forgotten ourselves. We are so busy navigating the crooked alleys of our careers that we have all but forgotten the freedom of the hills. And we have developed such a need to be in control that we have forgotten how to ‘let go’. But that is not Abhay’s story. read more

An Expert’s Guide to Annapurna Circuit

Last week we had a glorious conversation with one of the most experienced guide who runs his show in the trekking trails of Nepal. And what we have come up with is an article that contains the most personalized tips that only comes through experience. And we also have a video about the conversation. 


I believe most of us fantasize about having a life where we get to travel a lot, reach out to those mighty mountains and soak up in adventure. Wilderness calls everybody, but not many can respond to it. Among the few successful people living their dream life, we would like to introduce you to a young, jolly and interesting personality, Ricky Yonjon, who happens to be an adventurer by heart, a mountain biker by passion and a trek leader by profession. Inspired by his father, Ricky went to his first trek at the tender age of 7. He believes that was the day he knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life, making him the person he is today. He has been in the trekking field for 14 years now. He leads groups to the most of the popular trekking routes of Nepal including  Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Circuit and Annapurna Base Camp.
So we stole an hour from him to share with you what an experienced trekker, who is familiar with all the stones and mosses of Annapurna Circuit to share his thoughts about this apple pie trek. Here is a Guide’s guide to Annapurna Circuit. read more

Travel Expert Series – Bikram Pandey

We had a brief session with one of the leading travel expert of our nation. In the course, we talked about what was the scenario like back in 70's, how did a regular boy from Sanepa harness such a dream, how the tourism industry is shifting and what moves we need to make to move along with it.
This leader is Vikram Pandey and he has been in the industry for over 20 years. In the course of time, he has developed creative new ways to attract tourists through international scale events such as the highest marathon in the world which literally starts from Everest Base Camp. Then there is Lumbini marathon. And, so as to not disappoint cyclist, every year a downhill cycle race that goes by the name of Mustang Madness. read more

Best Information Sites About Nepal

I’m sure anybody planning to travel or trek in Nepal likes to surf the internet every now and then, obviously in expectation to get the best information. But in the quest for the best articles, sometimes we end up getting lost amidst thousands of un-insightful ones (including Travel agencies), eventually causing a huge loss of time. Previously, we had compiled the best guidebooks recommendations for Nepal. So this time, we are giving you list of the 5 best Information portals about Nepal that you might want to follow for trip planning or even to know the interesting stories and experiences about Nepal. read more

Common Site in Everest Base Camp (EBC) Trek.

On your way to Everest Base Camp(5380 m) Trek, you are likely to see different kinds of interesting sites amidst those innocently adventurous trails in the lap of Himalayas. It is always better to know a few things before heading to a new place, so that you can relate to the culture, lifestyle, and faith of people in Nepal. There are some common sites that you will see in many places while trekking in the Everest Base Camp region that unique and may leave you puzzled.
Don't be surprised if you see skulls of dead animals on the door of houses on the trail.
Know what they are and what their significance is! read more