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What to expect on the Everest Base Camp Trek?

When you are trekking to the Himalayas, lots of things can go wrong, and at times expectations remain expectations. Factors like weather, terrain and trekking gears might not always be in your favor. Hence, it’s always better to be prepared for any inconvenience that might arise.

Lukla Flight Disruptions

Lukla Weather- March/ April

If you plan to trek to the Everest Base Camp other than the spring and autumn season, there is a high chance of flight cancellation. The weather at Lukla is quite unpredictable, changing every minute and hour. As a result, be prepared for flight delays and cancellations.

Challenging Terrain

Many people find the trek to Everest Base Camp relatively easy, but some percentage of those who attempt do not make it to the base camp. The trails become increasingly tricky and challenging as you ascend. It will not be as simple as you anticipated.

Sherpa Culture 

Sherpa people are pretty warm, hospitable, and easygoing, but if you look down on them and disrespect them, they can be somewhat intolerant at times.


Room in Yeti Mountain Home, Namche Bazaar
Room in Yeti Mountain Home, Namche Bazaar

The Everest region has a variety of lodging options. You can get anything from a single bedroom to a luxurious suite room. However, not all lodges have deluxe accommodations, and deluxe suite rooms will cost you at least USD 150 – 200 per night.


Pizza served in a hotel in Gokyo.
Pizza served in a hotel in Gokyo.

Pasta, pizza, lasagna, burgers, you name it, the Everest base camp trek has it all. But only up to Namche; beyond Namche, you won’t have many options, so eat whatever is on the menu. Make sure to try some Sherpa foods while you are there.

While at Namche do check out the Sherpa Barista Cafe right at the center of the town. You can thank us later.


PC: Hotel Namche

A liter of mineral water can cost up to Rs. 150, depending on where you are. The locals drink directly from the tap, but you do so at your own risk. A hot shower and hot water will also cost you some money, again depending on where you are. 

Electricity, WiFi & Telecom 

Ama Dablam from Khumjung

You can get decent Wi-Fi up to Namche. After Namche, you must purchase an Everest Link WI-FI card to access the internet. The NCell network is available up to the base camp; however, network strength varies depending on where you are.

All of the electricity above Namche is from solar panels and as such are highly weather dependent. Even at Lukla, the electricity isn’t very reliable. Carrying your solar chargers will be helpful. At the very least carry battery packs.

Trail Safety 

The trail to Everest Base Camp is relatively broad and well maintained, but when you contact mules and yaks, make sure to keep on the hillside of the road, as there have been a few accidents of mules driving trekkers off the hill.

Altitude Sickness 

Some people develop mild symptoms of AMS due to low oxygen levels and low air pressure. Don’t push yourself too hard if you get AMS symptoms such as headache, vomiting, or dizziness.

The Khumbu Cough 

Mount Everest
Mount Everest

Very few people suffer from Khumbu Cough. As you go higher, due to the cold, dry air, some people suffer from coughs which get so violent that it hurts like hell. It is not that common, but who knows what tomorrow brings.

Prices increases as you go higher 

Breakfast table set up at Hotel Everest View.

The service cost gets higher and higher as you gain altitude. In Lukla, you can spend as low as $10 per day, whereas you will need to pay $8 just for a single meal at Gorakshep. However, consider the fact that all the things you consume at Gorakshep has been carried up either on yaks, porters, or helicopters!

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