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Lukla Weather and Flights

Lukla Weather- March/ April

Lukla’s weather is dramatic and unpredictable. And the weather is partly to blame for the delayed flights, stranded trekkers, and helicopter rides. Despite the unpredictability, Lukla flight is still the most convenient way into the Everest region. So, we’ll help you understand the weather in Lukla and its implication on flights.

How Lukla Weather Impacts Flights?

Lukla Weather Report
Lukla Weather Report

Lukla weather is a significant factor impacting the flights. Surrounded by mountains on three sides, Lukla rests perfectly (or oddly) on a hilltop as the gateway to the Everest region. While early mornings are clear in the mountains, a tailwind gradually builds up through the afternoon. Hence, Lukla flights are scheduled only in the mornings. 

Besides, the seasonality and visibility add up to it. While the rain clouds come into play in monsoon, wind and thunderstorms are common during spring afternoons. Winters have better visibility in Lukla, but fog in Kathmandu can impact flights sometimes. And as the weather turns bad, Lukla Airport can shut down in a matter of minutes affecting the flights.

Preparation: Please bear in mind that no matter what, Lukla weather is unpredictable. So, we highly advise you to consider having a buffer day or two and some extra cash. Also, knowing the best time to trek to EBC helps.

Best Sources for Lukla Weather Right Now

For those who wish to see the weather now, Windy is an excellent website. You can visualize the weather for different locations and filter according to- cloud, wind, rain/thunder, temperature, etc. It is also a useful resource for weather forecasts.

However, if you wish to know the exact weather from the local, below are the Facebook pages and contact numbers of hotels near the Lukla airport:

Himalayan Lodge:
Contact number- +977-9808505040 / 038-550017

Buddha Lodge
Facebook Page:
Contact Number: +977-9851086008 / 038-550028

Live Weather Update of Lukla

Buddha Lodge

Himalaya Lodge

Best Sources of Lukla Weather Forecasts

The screenshot of Lukla Airport from Windy
The screenshot of Lukla Airport from Windy

Although we cannot guarantee anything that predicts the weather in the mountains accurately, below are a few relevant sources that will help you see the weather forecast for Lukla.


Accuweather is used by several hotel owners in Lukla to see the weather forecast. It provides hourly, daily, and monthly weather forecasts. 

Weather Atlas

Weather Atlas is another good resource that helps you up to 10 days forecast. Another good thing is, you can also find place-wise weather reports for Gokyo, Gorakshep, etc.

Mountain Forecast

Mountain forecast is a great website to consult, especially if you are a climber and wish to see the weather conditions in the mountains. You can browse by country, range, subrange, or mountain names from all around the world. It has six hours averages for weather and is admired by mountaineers planning their expeditions.

Lukla Weather: January/ February (Winter)

January and February are the coldest months in Nepal. Due to the high pressure, the skies are clear in the mountains, and the visibility is good. However, fog in Kathmandu and snow in Lukla can cause delays and cancellations. But to be fair, this period sees one of the lowest chances of flight cancellations.

Lukla Weather: March/ April (Spring)

March is slightly warmer than February, and the temperature starts increasing as the month progresses. April is more temperate and makes a pleasant season with great mountain views and blooming wildflowers for trek to Everest Base Camp or Gokyo Ri.

During these seasons, mornings are very clear in Lukla. Episodic thunderstorms and windy afternoons are likely. So, delay in Lukla flights is a possibility. However, cancellations are unlikely as most disturbances are local and short lived.

Lukla Weather: May/June (Pre-monsoon)

May and June are the warmest months in the region. The precipitation starts increasing, so it can get cloudy as the day progresses. Towards the end of June, one can expect heavy rainfall and thunderstorms.

Just like April, mornings until Mid-June are very clear, and visibility is good. Thus, flying to Lukla is not a big problem. Especially if the flights operate from Ramechhap to Lukla (Flights reroute via Ramechhap during April and May and you have to travel from Kathmandu to Ramechhap to catch flights), even the backlogs clear easily. However, flying to Lukla in the latter half of June will be difficult. The weather is cloudy, and cancellations are highly likely.

Lukla Weather: July/August (Monsoon)

July and August is monsoon in Nepal, meaning it will rain heavily. Rain showers and storms are frequent due to low pressure. It rains for 22 days on average. In any case, if you can get in the region and don’t mind the rain, the sight of flora and fauna is beyond beautiful.

The chances of flight cancellations are highest in monsoon. Weather, both in Kathmandu and Lukla, will affect the flight and trekking to EBC is difficult. Airlines schedule one flight per day during these months.

Lukla Weather: September/October (Fall/ Autumn)

September and October are fall or autumn in Lukla. Generally, the rain starts slowing down in September and October has good visibility. However, recent years have seen an extended monsoon until October.

Lukla flights see high cancellation in September. Nevertheless, flights start operating in full swing from October. There are higher chances of flying in October, but cancellation is still a possibility for some parts of the month.

Lukla Weather: November/December (Pre-winter)

November and December are cold and dry, as it is a pre-winter in the mountains. The pressure is high, and visibility is spot on in Lukla. While the days are warm, the temperature drops in the nights. 

Talking about Lukla flights, the disruptions/ cancellations are very low during these months. The weather is very clear, and most people trek in the region during October and November. Here’s an insider tip- December is the most underrated trekking month for trekking. The flow of trekkers is low, the visibility is still perfect, and Lukla flights run smoothly.

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