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Everest Base Camp Trek in June

If you are willing to brave the rains and flight disruptions, Everest Base Camp Trek in June will treat you to a once in a lifetime floral spectacle that very few ever get to see.

Weather for Everest Base Camp Trek in June

June is the onset of the monsoon season in the Everest Region. While the first half is generally like May, when the monsoon winds finally arrive around mid-June, we see a noticeable shift towards more sustained precipitation, sometimes for days on end. However, most of the days start clear, and the cloud cover and rain build up as the day warms up.

What this means is that you can still get excellent mountain views most of the mornings, and at least some of the days. But do not count on it!

Thamserku behind clouds
Thamserku behind clouds

However, do prepare for UV exposure. Remember, most of the UV easily penetrates cloud cover, and with the intense sun and snow on the ground, the false sense of security can sometimes cause problems.

Also, while the temperature is generally not a big issue, it can still get cold if the ground hasn’t seen the sun for a few days. Also, if your clothes are wet, they can feel a lot colder than it is. Just something to keep in mind as you shop for your rain gear.

  Lukla (2,860m) Namche (3,440m) Lobuche (4,950m)
Max Avg Temp 22° C 18° C 13° C
Min Avg Temp 11° C 7° C 3° C
Precipitation 49 mm 49 mm 40 mm
Precipitation Days 20.8 days 20.8 days 14.1 days
No. Sunny Days 8.5 days 8.5 days 14.6 days
Sunrise (June 15) 5:01 am
Sunset (June 15) 6:55 pm

Hazards, Gear and Planning Tips for EBC Trek in June

Some of the hazards to consider while trekking to Everest Base Camp in June are snow blindness, sunburn, and water-borne illnesses. These are, of course, in addition to the usual environmental hazards and altitude-related illnesses.

With the hot and humid weather, water-related illnesses spike in Nepal during the monsoon. It is essential to be very careful about what you put in your mouth. Read a detailed treatment on water safety and diarrhea.

Prayer Flags and clouds
Prayer Flags and clouds

As for sunburn and snow blindness, as long as you apply sunscreen and wear sunglasses regardless of how overcast it is, you are right. Remember that clouds do not entirely block UV, snow reflects almost all of it towards you, and UV penetration goes up by 10% every 1000 meters of altitude.

A comprehensive gear checklist will give you more details about the stuff you will need for a trek such as the Everest Base Camp Trek.

Three High Passes of Everest in June

Two words: Not recommended. There will be snow, visibility will be shitty, steep slopes will be slippery, and finding sensible guides will be an issue.

How crowded is the Everest Base Camp Trek in June?

With the monsoon, trekker number takes a nosedive in June with just a little over 1,500 trekkers entering the Everest Region in June. You can be sure to have the trails and the rains to yourself.

Number of Trekkers in Everest National Park (2018)

Lukla Flights to Everest Region in June

While not written in stone, disruptions in Kathmandu-Lukla flights are very likely. It is imperative to have at least two buffer days for flight disruptions. If you need to go back to your home country immediately after the trek, it is a good idea to get refundable flights.

Hotels along the Everest Base Camp Trek in June

Lodge in Everest
Lodge in Everest

A lot of hotels are closed by now. However, the lodge owners have a system to ensure that at least one of the lodges is open in every village throughout the year. So while you might not get the lodge of your choice, you will have a place to stay and a warm meal. Pre-booking for hotels is not required.

Attractions in the Everest Region in June

June sees the alpine meadows bloom with white edelweisses, yellow cinquefoils, and purple rhododendrons. The larger rhododendrons found around 3,500 meters above sea level while not at their best are still quite a sight to behold.

June is also the month of the Thame edition of the famous Mani Rimdu and Dumji festivals. Read more about the spectacular festivals here:

10 Amazing Festivals in the Himalayas

The dates for Mani Rimdu at Thame follow:

Year Thame Mani Rimdu Dates
2016 May 16/17/18 
2017 June 4/5/6 
2018  May 24/25/26
2019 June 12/13/14 
2020 June 1/2/3 
2021 May 21/22/23 
2022 June 9/10/11 
2023 May 30/31 an June 1 
2024 May 18/19/20 
2025  June 5/6/7
2026 May 26/27/28 
2027  June 14/15/16

As for Dumji, the dates are as follows:

Year Dates 
2016 July 11 to 14 
2017 June 30- July 3
2018 June 20 to 23
2019 July 9 to 12
2020 June 27 to 30
2021 June 17 to 20
2022 July 6 to 9
2023 June 25 to 28
2024 June 13 to 16
2025 July 2 to 5
2026 June 21 to 24
2027 July 10 to 13

Note: The dates are usually confirmed a few months before the main festival. The above are predictions. Old dates have been included so you can verify the accuracy for yourself.

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