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Hotels in Gokyo, Everest Region: A Complete Guide

Gokyo Lake

Once a yak pasture, Gokyo is now a bustling trekking destination. To cater to this demand, Gokyo now has more than a dozen hotels, ranging from budget tea houses to mid-range lodges.

All of these hotels are fully operational during the Spring (March-May) and Autumn (September-December) trekking season. During the low season, they remain open at varying levels of service, and some might even shut down. Hence, it is a good idea to call hotels in advance if you are trekking in Everest during June-August or January-February.

What are the rooms like in the Hotels of Gokyo?

A room with twin beds in Gokyo Thanka Inn Lodge.
A room with twin beds in Gokyo Thanka Inn Lodge.

Basic Rooms

These are little more than two small beds, a window ledge, and blankets on demand. In the better hotels, the rooms will be slightly bigger, the mattress slightly thicker, and maybe the sheets slightly cleaner. Price ranges from USD 10 to USD 25 per night.

Rooms with Attached Bathroom

These are the ultimate luxury in Gokyo. In addition to a private bathroom, these rooms usually come with electric blankets, hot showers, charging points, and a bigger room. Prices start at USD 20 per night and can go up to USD 60 per night.

However, none of the rooms have heating. The only room with heating is going to be the dining room, and given that most people go to their rooms only to sleep, it isn’t much of an issue.

Food and Drinks in Gokyo

The first thing about food in Gokyo is that you are expected to eat dinner and breakfast at the hotel that you are staying in. This is because the hotels usually give out the rooms for a paltry sum, and food and beverage are often their primary source of revenue. Given that there isn’t much variation in the menu and quality of food, you aren’t missing anything.

The menu features Dal Bhat, potatoes, eggs, pasta, chapattis, pancakes, fried rice, soups, noodles, cereals, and even pizzas and spaghetti. Some of the lodges also have a bakery. The main courses usually cost around USD 10, while side dishes are around USD 5.

Pizza served in a hotel in Gokyo.
Pizza served in a hotel in Gokyo.

Another significant expenditure to factor in is the cost of hot water, which can go as high as USD 4 per liter. Given that the lodges have to transport the LPG cylinders via flight and on the back of mules, this isn’t surprising. A cup of tea usually goes for around USD 2.

To sum it up, you will spend around USD 20-25 per day on food and drink.

Of course, that price doesn’t include beer, which in addition to costing around USD 10 per can, is not the best drink at these altitudes. Read more on Acute Mountain Sickness to find the reason.

Toilet and Sanitation

Most lodges have squeaky clean dining areas. The rooms are alright. The blankets can go either way. And toilets are also a very hit and miss affair. As a general rule of thumb, the mid-range lodges are generally cleaner than the budget ones. No surprises there!

Most of the tea houses and lodges have both western-style and squat toilets. Depending on the number of guests on a particular day, you might land up in either one of them. Also, toilet paper is not provided. Pack some.

For hot showers, most lodges have a gas geyser that is shared between many rooms. In the more basic ones, lodge owners might even provide you with a bucket of hot water. Both kinds cost USD 4-7.

Dining hall in Hotel Thanka Inn, Gokyo
Dining hall in Hotel Thanka Inn, Gokyo

Is it necessary to book Hotels in advance?

There were days when you could straight walk to a lodge talk to the owner and fix the deal for your stay. With the growing popularity and flow of trekkers, Gokyo can get pretty crowded, especially in the peak seasons, from September to December and March to May.

Hence, it is advisable to book in advance so that you are assured of a bed at the hotel of your choice. You can either call them a day before or book through one of the online booking websites like us: HoneyGuide.

Internet and Telecommunication in Gokyo

Wi-Fi is common across all the lodges and guesthouses. The Everest Link Wi-Fi works here. It may take a few more days to reconnect with your families once you leave from Gokyo.

Battery Charging

As Gokyo does not have an electricity supply, lodges depend on solar panels. Charging facilities are available only in the dining area. Charging a device costs you around USD 2 to USD 3 per hour.

Our Recommended Hotels in Gokyo

1. Gokyo Resort

Gokyo Resort is a good mid-range lodge with clean rooms and decent food in Gokyo. The staffs are very welcoming and you can expect a pleasant stay here.

Gokyo Resort
Gokyo Resort

See prices, photos, and services of the hotel here.

2. Thank Inn, Gokyo

Located perfectly by the lake, Gokyo Thanka Inn is a new lodge in Gokyo. The hotel also features an art gallery and coffee shop. The services are great, very clean rooms with good views. The rooms are slightly expensive costing you USD 10 person, but totally worth it! 

Gokyo Thanka Inn, Gokyo
Gokyo Thanka Inn, Gokyo

See prices, photos, and services of the hotel here.

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