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Briefing on Everest Base Camp by HoneyGuide

Mount Everest

Everest trek still holds it own against other popular trekking trails of Nepal. The wildlife, culture, scenery and jewel of the whole trek-sight of Everest Base Camp trek attracts crowds of trekkers every trekking season. HoneyGuide, with the aim to provide information about everything trekkers would need to know about Everest trek organized a free briefing. Our aim was to inspire and encourage trekkers for Everest trek. The briefing was presented on an innovative virtual trek format with the use of Google Earth so as to provide a unique preview experience of Everest trek. Though the full experience of the briefing could only be felt by attending, we have shared slides of the briefing so that everyone can benefit from the information.

Download the slides to know everything about Everest Base Camp trek.

For slightly more boring but a lot more comprehensive information read: Everything about the Everest Base Camp Trek.

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