Chiwong Monastery


  • 2938 meters

The pride of lower solu, Chiwong Chhyang - Chup Monastery is perched a cliff, above Phaplu and the village of Chiwong itself. It was established in between 1919-1923 A.D by Sangey Tenpa Lama after taking refugee in Nepal away from his homeland in Tibet. In the time of establishment, a Dharma Sangha was formed out of 50 monks at the monastery by providing food grain allowances.

The major festival celebrated in Chiwong Monastery is the sacred celebration of Mani Rimdu. The festival lasts for 19 days. People travel from all over the world to celebrate the festival. Considered as an important festival in Buddhist culture of the festival of Mani Rimdu is a re-creation of legendary events; the establishment of Buddhism in Tibet by the great saint, Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava). Through the dances, symbolic demons are conquered, dispelled, or converted to Dharma Protectors, as positive forces clash with those of chaos. The dances convey Buddhist teachings on many levels.

Overall, Chiwong Monastery is truly and amazing fleet of religion, culture and an architecture.