• 4250 meters

Nestled in a valley sculpted by the Khumbu glacier, Pheriche used to be a summer settlement that got a facelift after trekking tourism started.

If you are staying at Pheriche on your way up, it is very important that you stay a minimum of two nights here for acclimatization. There is also an Aid Post for trekkers run by the Himalayan Rescue Association. Do not miss their daily 3:30 lectures on Altitude related Illnesses. For acclimatization purposes there are two choices: the awesome viewpoint of Nangkartshang peak and the trail to Chukung.

Staying here for acclimatization is better compared to the nearby Dingboche because Pheriche is a good 100 meters lower than Dingboche and it also has the HRA Aid Post.