BHANDAR - Beauty at the bottom

  • 2254 meters

Bamti Bhandar, also known as Chyangma among the locals, sits on an elevated plain above the Likhu River. The town of Bamti is connected with functioning roads which make it one of the busiest towns in the region. You can get direct jeeps and buses to Kathmandu from the town. The trail passing through the village is covered in greenery and smell of village lifestyle. Lambs, baby cows and old Sherpas herding them will make you forget about the rest of the world for a bit.

The main trail passes through the old bamti village, while there is a newly settled town next to the road. As tourists, you are expected to go through the main trail so most of the lodges and tea houses are permanently established around the trail. On the way, there is the monastery of Khempo Sangay Rimpochhe. As you carry on ahead, you will meet a signpost pointing towards the direction of Kinja, your next destination. When you notice the sign follow the road which will lead you towards the end of Bhandar and the trail carries on towards the valley of Everest.