Lamjura La

LAMJURA LA - Connecting Everest

  • 3528 meters

At 3500 meters, Lamjura La is the highest point of your trek from Jiri to Lukla and whether you are walking or flying to Lukla, you will have to pass through this mountain pass. While flying into Lukla, this pass has the reputation of being very turbulent. And while walking into Lukla, this pass is notorious for the highly changeable weather. It might be all sunshine and icecreams in the morning, and by early afternoon you might be facing a whiteout. Prepare accordingly. Think sunglasses, rain gear and warm clothing.

When you reach Lamjura, smile. This place signals the end of that never-ending uphill walk you started in Kinja. It is the perfect place to have a short break and take a look back at the path you have been walking over the last few days. Ahead of you towards the eastern side, you will see the valley you are yet to walk.

Also, a quick word of advice if you are headed to Pikey peak, your path veers to the right just before you reach Himalayan Lodge.