Deurali A

DEURALI A - Mani walls and wind

  • 1812 meters

Deurali, meaning pass in Nepali, is a very common name to hear when you are in the mountains of Nepal. Just like every other Deuralis and pass, this one stands on the top of hill connecting one side of the valley to another. However, this Deurali not only joins two valleys but two faiths too, for it is here that Buddhism welcomes you with its Mani walls and prayer flags. Standing at Deurali, you can also see the route in front of you as far away as Kinja.

Like every other village in the Everest Region, Deurali also wasn't spared from the monstrous destruction of the earthquake. Thus, you will witness the ruins of the earthquake but if you talk to the people here, you will also sense immense optimism among them that they will stand up on their feet again soon enough.