JUBING - Settlement of happiness

  • 2003 meters

Jubing is the only Rai settlement in the region after Sete. At the altitude of 2,003 meters, Jubing is a farmer's heaven as the village does have crops throughout the year including rice plants. And rice in this terrain at this altitude is a rather rare gift of nature.

After crossing Dudh Koshi River, you will be welcomed with a warm smile of the Rai folks. The Rais are another ethnic group of Nepal and are mostly found in the easternmost part of the country. However, these folk believe that they are the original inhabitants of the Solukhumbu area and the Sherpas came in much later. Though many portray the region of Everest as the homeland of Sherpas, this silent conflict between Sherpas and Rai people still remains unsolved. This unspoken war between two tribes struggles with one question, "Who moved to Solukhumbu first?"