JUNBESI - Monastery, Prayer Wheels and Wi-Fi

  • 2701 meters

Junbesi is named after the moon. Specifically, Junbesi is believed to be the place where the moon (Jun) comes down below to the earth to rest (Besi). It is indeed magical to see this village for the first time sitting quietly and charmingly underneath a towering cliff.

The village of Junbesi sits alongside of Junbesi Monastery and Ngagyur Sergon Lungrig Sedrup Zungdelling Monastery and is liberally decorated with prayer flags and prayer wheels. To the north, there is the famous Thupten Choling Monastery on the lap of Numbur range; to the east, you can see the valley of Benighat and Phaplu. A popular rest spot for the trekkers coming from Jiri, and as such, it is well-equipped with everything a westerner could be missing (i.e. Wi-Fi, hot showers, varied and interesting food menus, telephone network). Yet, Junbesi is so beautiful that even luxury can't set you apart from its majesty.

If you were to exclude the tourism from the frame, this is a small Sherpa village with yak and kiwifruit farmers. Yes true, they do farm kiwifruit in Junbesi. The village also has a road connection towards Phaplu and Salleri -- so be prepared to be thrilled by the occasional honks of small jeeps and tractors.

And the biggest monestary of Thupten Choling sits next to the town which is one more reason to visit this town