SHIVALAYA - Town of Shiva

  • 1795 meters

Named after the temple of Shiva, the town of Shivalaya is a usual first-day rest for trekkers who started from Jiri. The town of Shivalaya sits on the lap of the great valley that was created by the power of river Khimti. Also, the town is on the border between Dolakha and Ramechhap district. After a moderate hike of few hours, Shivalaya is a reason to stop for trekkers who are going through "first-day stiffness syndrome".

Once a major attraction for trekkers while Jiri-Everest trail was in trekker's walk of fame.Things have definitely changed for locals as earthquake shattered the bones of Shivalaya and the trail itself. Though the town rose back again from the skeleton of each other's support the dependency to tourism has definitely dropped along with the number of trekkers coming this way. Also, there is an office of GCAP in Shivalaya where trekkers are required to register for the entry into Gaurishankar Conservation Area Program. The distance you shall traverse from Shivalaya to Kinja, you will be explicitly walking through a conservation area for which you require to register for entry permission and pay according to the regulations of Nepalese Authorities. The entry fee is USD 20 (exclusive at VAT).