Hikes in Kathmandu Valley

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Hikes in Kathmandu Valley

Hotels to stay at while Hiking in Kathmandu

The current pandemic has taught us the value of relationships and healthy living. And what better way to nurture both than a weekend hike with friends and family? Whether you are a resident or a visitor, the hills of Kathmandu have something to offer. And after a day’s walk in the hills of Kathmandu, here […]

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Hikes in Kathmandu Valley

Web Weekend Kathmandu x HoneyGuide | Lakuri Bhanjyang Hike

Hey guys, Here is a quick look at the what to expect and what to do on the Lakuri Bhanjyang Hike on 23 September, 2018. The Schedule The Plan: 6:00 am | Meet at Tripureshwor. The Reality: The organisers know that everybody is going to be late. Hence they set this ridiculous time which they […]

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Dorje Lhakpa Mountain from Chisapani
Hikes in Kathmandu Valley

“Day Hikes in Kathmandu” -Now Launched!

After a week-long hard work, everybody (including the workaholics, of course) awaits for a weekend! While many people spend these days with medium pleasures such as fast food, movie, video games, etc., the rest of the world tells a different story! Besides gossiping about the trending restaurants and cinemas that are popping out in the […]

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Hikes in Kathmandu Valley

Godawari and Naudhara, Nepal

Godawari, located just below the base of Phulchowki, the botanical garden park, open grounds for picnics, lush forest for bird watching and wildlife, the holy sites, along with cool weather attracts many to make it a frequently visited place among Kathmandu residents.

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mountain teaser trees
’Going to the mountains
is going home.’
- John Muir
‘Great things are done when
men and mountains meet.’
- William Blake
‎’There is no such thing as bad weather,
only inappropriate clothing.’
- Sir Ranulph Fiennes