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Web Weekend Kathmandu x HoneyGuide | Lakuri Bhanjyang Hike

Hey guys,

Here is a quick look at the what to expect and what to do on the Lakuri Bhanjyang Hike on 23 September, 2018.

The Schedule

The Plan: 6:00 am | Meet at Tripureshwor.
The Reality: The organisers know that everybody is going to be late. Hence they set this ridiculous time which they themselves have no intention of meeting. And most participants know that the organisers know that everybody is going to be late, and hence set up a ridiculous time. Hence they have all set their alarm for 6:30. You know, just in case the organisers are serious!! The only people at Tripureshwor are some confused volunteers and some hiking nutcases from HoneyGuide.

The Plan: 6:20 am | Bus Ride to Lamatar
The Reality: Still, nobody. However, few of the speakers are there. However, they still have no freaking clue about the ‘Nepali Time’. Is that a newspaper?
The bus is finally here!! Oh look it is a Sajha Bus!!!

About fifty people get on the bus and leave. Of the remaining fifty who were supposed to show up, half of them are still drunk, while the other half has forgotten that they had checked that little box in the signup form that said hiking.

The Plan: 7:10am | Division of Collaborative Art Tasks
The Reality: Nobody gets it.

The Plan: 7:15am | Hike Uphill
The Reality: 7:20am and everybody is tired. That ‘Uphill’ word looked so sexy on paper. Arrgh let’s just take a selfie. Hastag #hiking #gettingFit. Oh wait, what is that? WHY…….DIDN’T……ANYONE……TELL ME THERE WILL BE LEECHES? Oh I adore these guys!! #makingnewFriends.
Wait what is that smell?? Is someone smoking what I think they are smoking? (NOTE from the Organisers: NO!! NEVER!! That s#%t is strictly prohibited. There are a lot of cops at Lakuri Bhanjyang.)
So, what is that smell again? Oh, well!!

Elevation Profile of Lakuri Hike.
Elevation Profile of Lakuri Hike.

The Plan: 11:00am | Collaborative Art and Event Retrospective
The Reality: I got leeches everywhere! Ewww!! Ahhh!! Ooooh!! Look there are the mountains!! Right there in the Mountain Finder Feature of the HoneyGuide App. It crashed!! Ah that is because they are no mountains visible today. But they are certainly there……..somewhere!

The Plan: 12:30 | Lunch
The Reality: 12:30 | LUNCH!!

The Plan: 14:00 | Hike Downhill
The Reality: This Chyang is awesome man!!! I want to marry one of these goats and just live here in Lakuri Bhanjyang for the rest of my life. Screw Coding!!

The Plan: 17:30 | Back to Meeting Spot and off we go!
Hey guys, that was all in good jest. Hope no emotions or expectations were harmed during the screening of this script. We love you all. And we really hope you will do your part to not make the event like it was described above. If you promise us that, we promise you sunshine and mountains! 😀

Roscoea Lily
Make sure that the person behind you will also gets to see this flower.

On a more serious note, here is a quick rundown of things to keep everyone safe and the wilderness unspoilt:

HoneyGuide Hiking Code of Conduct

It is the personal responsibility of each participant to ensure that they are physically fit enough for the field conditions, ready to tackle any unexpected conditions that may occur and able to keep up with their group.

All the hikers will be grouped into teams of 10 people each. Each group will have a designated Hike Leader (takes the lead) and a Sweep (takes the rear). Hikers should stay between the Hike leader and the Sweep, and follow their directions. You are advised to inform the sweep of the group if there is any medical emergency or have problem walking, so that they can assist you!

The hike is a short one so it is suggested that you take a restroom break either in the starting point of the hike (Lamatar) or at the top (Lakuri Bhanjyang)! If it is necessary for you to leave the trail for a restroom break, let the leader or sweep know and he/she will ask someone to wait for you.

“Pack it in-Pack it out”. This applies to everything especially plastic. All leftover food waste and litter must be packed out and taken back. No apple cores, banana peels, food wraps, or any other food or litter is to be left in the forests or on the trail.

Each group will be given a trash bag. If feasible, pick up any trash along the way. Since there is no proper management of trash in Lakuri Bhanjyang, the trash will also have to be carried down from where HoneyGuide will look after its management.

While collecting twigs, hikers are not allowed to break branches or cause damage to the plants/ trees. Also, picking or eating any kind berries, fruits, or mushrooms from the jungle is strictly prohibited!

It is STRICTLY PROHIBITED to carry any sort of drugs. There are police checkposts in the trail.

Maintain silence as much as you can. Keep your voice low.

When hiking on a trail, the larger group should give priority to the smaller group and moves off the trail until they pass.

When hiking downhill, we give priority to hiker(s) coming uphill.

Individuals should not stop and cause delays without good reason.

Cell phones must be switched to silent mode.

Enjoy the Hike and let others enjoy the hike!!

What to Wear

Comfortable hiking shoes (Please avoid slippers or sandals), Comfortable clothes (Preferably, Quick Dry), Thick woollen socks might help prevent leeches (optional).

What To Bring: Water and fruits/ snacks for trails, Rain Gear or poncho (no matter what the forecast). We will have water jars placed in the start point. Please bring your own water bottles!

Good To have: Sunscreen and Insect repellent! (P.S We might encounter leeches in the trail)

Find the best viewpoints with HoneyGuide’s Trekking in Nepal App.


You can find more information about the Lakuri Bhanjyang Hike under ‘Day Hikes In Kathmandu’ content in HoneyGuide’s Trekking in Nepal Mobile App. Expect trail descriptions, information about the place, mountain finder, and sightings. All available offline!

Here is a parting challenge for your guys. Find the spot this image was taken and submit a picture like this with your feet. And we will give you a………….hug. Happy Hiking fellas!

Please feel free to drop us a message at if you have any queries or confusions! 🙂

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