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An Event to Reveal Secrets of Annapurna

If you have you ever wondered how to get the best and fullest experience from Annapurna Circuit trail, then you should absolutely not miss this event. From the makers of HoneyGuide, comes a presentation on Annapurna Circuit trek that will bring the hidden, exclusive & worthwhile things in your radar.
Its no secret in town that HoneyGuide specializes in finding and telling things that no one else will. The experienced eyes at HoneyGuide have the vision to detect interesting and unique features of places and present the information in an interactive fashion.
This is neither your logistics explainations nor your trek schedule briefing. We will leave that for your guide. Think of it as an alternative pre-trek briefing that puts the spotlight on geographical, cultural, historical features along with flora and fauna which are lesser known. Its no use to just entice you with tempting highlights. We will also give you directions to enjoy those temptations to the fullest.
Want to know the secret spot where the wildlife just shows up like a beauty on a fashion show ramp? Want to taste the delicious apple pie made from Himalayan apples? Or want to hear a story that will completely change your perception of a village or a place?
 If the answer to anyone of the question is YES!! Then get yourself over here.

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Secrets of Annapurna, Annapurna Circuit


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