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Pricing Our Product: A Dollar A Day

Finally it boils down to the point when the product is all set to hit the market after all the months of hard work, or years even. But before stepping into the market, a price for the product has to fixed. Our product ‘Trekking In Nepal’ Mobile App is a consolidated app consisting of three different destinations : Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp and Ghorepani Poonhill Trek.The app is free but in-app purchase has to be made for the former two, while Ghorepani-Poonhill trek is free.
Let’s start with our In-app purchase rate first. The charges are as follows:
Everest Base Camp : $14.99
Annapurna Base Camp : $9.99
Ghorepani Poonhill : Free
We are launching Annapurna Circuit as well, and it would be priced $11.99

Now this must have left a lot of people bewildered. Why such odd rates? Why even rates?

Worry not. Let us have it answered for you.

But first, Think about it! You are planning on a two weeks trek to Everest Base Camp. What would you do?
You would possibly,
1. Spend hours and days on the internet, exhausting all your might to find relevant informations about the trek (which you will never be able to nail like a pro). Time is money, imagine how much did you lose?
2. Go to a store, buy a Lonely Planet Guidebook about Nepal (376 pages all in all) for $20.69
3. Try to find maps and guides worth several dollars to read experiences from a single traveler and derive itineraries based on the limited experience.
4. Hire a bird guide (if you are a bird enthusiast) on the trek who would charge you like $50-$100 a day.

What if you could have a value worth way much more in less than that amount?

What if you need not buy maps, guidebooks, books on species of plants, animals, birds and insects, which undoubtedly eat up a lot of air in your baggage and still know all of those species on your own?

What if you can know about the Culture, People, Festivals, Religion, Livelihood, History, Vegetation, Geology, Climate, Best places to visit, All the itineraries, Possible sidetrips, Pre trek information, Post earthquake condition, Gears checklist, Lodges and prices, Food, Mobile charging facilities, Rescue contacts, Embassy contacts, Health services, Hot shower facilities, Maps, Services, Deviation alerts, Safety measures, Rockfall areas to avalanche alerts in a totally updated version and the most handy access, straight on your hands. Wait… Hand!

Up in the Everest trail, you might even find yourself paying 3$ just for a cup of warm tea!
So when you are all prepped up to spend hundreds of dollar in the world where you can get no more than a chocolate or a cup of coffee or a loaf of bread or a cookie or a pack of chewing gum or an apple, and nothing more than that for a dollar; We are bringing to your handy device all those services you will be needing for a trek , just for A DOLLAR A DAY. An average EBC Trek is around 15 days, Annapurna Base Camp Trek is around 10 days and Annapurna Circuit around 12 days.
So accept it, for the kind of value we provide, the charge we place is absolutely mere or let’s say, insignificant.

And why is Ghorepani Poonhill free?
-That’s because we love you.

Download now. Thank us later!
‘For Travelers. Tourists can stick with Guidebooks.’

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