Simalchaur literally means the Field of the Silk Cotton tree. The Silk Cotton Tree (Bombax ceiba) is a deciduous tropic

  • Altitude: 915 m

Khudi is a hodgepodge affair of a town/village which has lost enough culture to be called 'traditional' and hasn't yet

  • Altitude: 810 m
Kuchumro Phedi

(NOTE: No Accommodation Facility. Bring your own Tent.) Kuchumro Phedi or Kuchumro High Camp is the camping site when c

  • Altitude: 4,226 m
Namge Phedi

(NOTE: No Accommodation Facility. Bring your own Tent.) Namge Phedi is a place where you realize that your day isn't do

  • Altitude: 4,505 m
Yarcha Pass

(NOTE: No Accommodation Facility. Bring your own Tent.) At Yarcha pass, you will be rewarded with fantastic views of Ka

  • Altitude: 4,834 m

Karte is a little but very homely village which rather than being important in its own right is important because of wh

  • Altitude: 1,820 m

Meta is the winter home for the people from Naar and offers only basic of amenities if any. If you are planning to stay

  • Altitude: 4,204 m

Kyang is a winter settlement for the villagers from Phu and has impressive views of Pisang Peak, and Annapurna II.

  • Altitude: 3,880 m
Phu Pass

(NOTE: No Accommodation Facility. Bring your own Tent.) Phu Pass has beautiful views of Himlung Himal and Kanguru Himal

  • Altitude: 5,043 m
Kangla Phedi

(NOTE: No Accommodation Facility. Bring your own Tent.)

  • Altitude: 4,570 m

Tache is a pretty large Gurung village of about 60 odd households. As with most villages in Nepal, in addition to the d

  • Altitude: 2,340 m
Lower Pisang

Pisang is pronounced 'P-shaang', not 'Pi Sang' because numbers don't sing. Anyways, between the two Pisangs, this is th

  • Altitude: 3,200 m

Naar gets its name from Naaur, the Nepali name for Blue Sheep. And indeed chances are you will see a lot of them here.

  • Altitude: 4,188 m
Annapurna Base Camp (ABC)

ABC is another base camp that is no longer used by mountaineers as a base camp. The current location however was used i

  • Altitude: 4,120 m
Machhapuchhre Base Camp (MBC)

Machhapuchhre Base Camp (MBC) has the distinction of being the base camp for a mountain that can't be climbed. Most peo

  • Altitude: 3,686 m

Nache is a small Gurung village which can be reached from Tal in around 2 hours. This village not only offers a beautif

  • Altitude: 2,230 m

Gharap is a small settlement that has one small eatery. But the thing on your mind when you get here is not Gharap but

  • Altitude: 1,358 m

(NOTE: No Accommodation Facility. Bring your own Tent.) Checkhu is nothing more than a few yak enclosures. But when tho

  • Altitude: 4,350 m

To sum it all up Jomsom is the most advanced of all the villages and towns in the Annapurna Circuit and the largest too

  • Altitude: 2,740 m

Dhumba is a small streamside settlement at the foot of the Kutsapterenga Monastery. There is very little in his settlem

  • Altitude: 2,780 m

(NOTE: No Accommodation Facility. Bring your own Tent.) Shongle is the campsite for the night if you are coming from Ta

  • Altitude: 3,550 m
Kuchumro Pass

(NOTE: No Accommodation Facility. Bring your own Tent.) The first of the high passes along the Annapurna Seven Passes T

  • Altitude: 4,900 m

(NOTE: No Accommodation Facility. Bring your own Tent.) Namkyu offers impressive views of Lamjung Himal, Annapurna II a

  • Altitude: 4,600 m
Meta Pass

(NOTE: No Accommodation Facility. Bring your own Tent.) At Meta Pass, you are entering into one of the most remote plac

  • Altitude: 4,635 m

Chyakhu is another winter settlement in the region.

  • Altitude: 3,805 m

Phu is a village that takes you back in time. From a distance, it looks as though it has been carved out from the hills

  • Altitude: 4,070 m

(NOTE: No Accommodation Facility. Bring your own Tent.) Loang is an excellent place for camping, and can comfortably ac

  • Altitude: 4,670 m
Kangla Pass

(NOTE: No Accommodation Facility. Bring your own Tent.) The top of the Kangla Pass probably offers some of the best 360

  • Altitude: 5,300 m

Tatopani!! Oh, Tatopani!!! This village or more like a town now has built a legend around its hot water spring. And it

  • Altitude: 1,220 m

Badalbisauna which literally translates to 'rest stop for clouds' will perhaps be little more to you that just that. So

  • Altitude: 1,000 m

Bahundanda is the last Indo-Aryan village before the Tibeto-Burman strongholds of the north. And also rather than the w

  • Altitude: 1,370 m

Chyamche in Nepali quite literally means….well, not everything has got a literal meaning in Nepali so get over it. But

  • Altitude: 1,370 m

The Khanigaon that you see along the trail with one little lodge is actually just a tiny spillover from a large village

  • Altitude: 1,135 m

Jagat means 'toll station'. This was once the site of a tax collection post for the Tibetan salt trade through the Mars

  • Altitude: 1,270 m

If you thought the previous few villages were small consider this one invisible. With just a handful of houses here, it

  • Altitude: 1,285 m
Lili Bhir

Lili Bhir is a little more than a two lodge affair next to a shady ravine. And while the village is rather unremarkable

  • Altitude: 1,127 m

This Bhotiya settlement can be easily identified and the Tibetan influences are obvious with flat-roofed stone houses.

  • Altitude: 2,100 m

Danakyu emerged as an important village after the landslide disasters in Bagarchhap, as many villagers and lodges shift

  • Altitude: 2,220 m

Comparatively speaking Thanchok is larger than the previous village of Kurung, but then Kurung is really small. Thancho

  • Altitude: 2,660 m

Julu is basically a few houses on the alluvial plain carved by the Julu Khola as it closes in on the mighty Marshyangdi

  • Altitude: 3,554 m

We personally find Kalaghiring the most picturesque village along the homestay route. However, the village is yet to ca

  • Altitude: 1,825 m

Siurung is an old Gurung settlement with a view that is unchallenged. The thing with large settlements so high up in th

  • Altitude: 1,855 m

Mugje is the meeting place for the higher and lower route that starts just after Dhikur Pokhari. It is a small settleme

  • Altitude: 3,463 m

Manang is famous amongst the trekkers specifically because of the well-stocked shops, good gear shops, health posts etc

  • Altitude: 3,540 m
Thorung High Camp

Reaching Thorung High camp is quite an achievement in itself so don't belittle yourself too much if somehow you feel si

  • Altitude: 4,880 m

Not many people seem to know the name Ranipauwa as through the years people have referred to this place by the name of

  • Altitude: 3,664 m

Location in deep forest, Bhaisi Kharka is basically a two lodge affair fit for tea or lunch.

  • Altitude: 2,523 m

Sildhunga is a small Gurung village not very different from the other villages along this homestay trail. However, you

  • Altitude: 1,585 m

Himalpani also known as Himalkyu is a one lodge affair with a small hydro- powered Ghatta just before the lodge. More l

  • Altitude: 1,461 m

Will Hunting: How do you like them apples? HoneyGuide: Apples, Apple ciders, Apple brandy, Apple juice, Dried apples,

  • Altitude: 2,700 m

Humde is probably most famous for its airport as it is the only one in the Marshyangdi valley of the Annapurna circuit.

  • Altitude: 3,390 m
Kimrong Dada

Kimrong Danda is a small ridgetop shettlement with a couple of homely lodges. While Kimrong Danda provides commanding v

  • Altitude: 2,225 m

Besisahar literally translates to "the town at the base of a hill" and is the district headquarters of Lamjung district

  • Altitude: 785 m

The place is called Sattale which literally means 'seven storeys' because traversing the rock formation there would in

  • Altitude: 1,500 m

Birethanti is where you enter Annapurna Conservation Area. So you will need to register at the ACAP office just across

  • Altitude: 1,055 m

Pothana is a small village that sprang up around the ACAP Tourist Checkpost. You will need to present your ACAP and TIM

  • Altitude: 2,010 m

Hile is basically an alternative stop to Tikhedhunga for camping groups, claustrophobes and hydrophobes. The name 'Hile

  • Altitude: 1,505 m

Phedi which literally means 'foot of a hill' in Nepali is the roadhead for the steep climb to Dhampus. There are a coup

  • Altitude: 1,137 m

Kagbeni is as far north a non-Nepali with an ACAP permit can go. Beyond Kagbeni requires a special permit for Upper Mus

  • Altitude: 2,830 m

Dhampus is a favored quick getaway for locals and tourists from Pokhara and for good reason. This Gurung village has ex

  • Altitude: 1,660 m
Bheri Kharka

Bheri Kharka is where your trail will meet the dirt road to Landruk and after that steep descent you might even enjoy w

  • Altitude: 1,804 m

Tolka is a small village in which almost every other house is a lodge.

  • Altitude: 1,799 m

There are actually two individual places that are called Sinuwa. People walking from Chhomrong usually have lunch at th

  • Altitude: 2,342 m

Kande is the roadhead for Australian Camp which is about 2 hrs climb. So get a quick bite, fill up your bottles and off

  • Altitude: 1,740 m

Dhampu is hardly a village and you will probably not even notice this little village as you make you way past the slate

  • Altitude: 2,520 m

Chhomrong is in the nerve centre of the upper reaches of the Annapurna Sanctuary. Most of the lodges in the Annapurna S

  • Altitude: 2,030 m

Tilche is little more than a tea stop and will be a welcome one after the labors of uphill.

  • Altitude: 2,030 m

Samrung is a rather rustic village and is where the trail coming from Ghandruk meets the trail coming from the river. A

  • Altitude: 1,613 m

About one and a half hours from Dobhan is a small shrine dedicated to Paunchhi Barah and taking meat especially pork be

  • Altitude: 2,580 m

Himalaya is a basic two lodge affair. However, here you will be entering avalanche prone area. While the chances of see

  • Altitude: 3,005 m

After the claustrophobic narrows, it will feel like you can finally breathe again. While getting past the tree line has

  • Altitude: 3,175 m
Kimrong Danda

Kimrong Danda is a small ridgetop settlement with a couple of homely lodges. While Kimrong Danda provides commanding vi

  • Altitude: 2,225 m

At Ghandruk, you are in the capital of the Gurungs and you will even get to dress like one here. But more on that later

  • Altitude: 1,980 m

Ghorepani or more properly Ghodepani, means watering place for horses in Nepali. Back in the days, the route from Biret

  • Altitude: 2,882 m

Gyaru or as the locals like to call it "Yak-Ru" lies on the higher route. The higher route, as opposed to the lower rou

  • Altitude: 3,680 m

Banthanti is a small collection of lodges wedged between the walls carved by the stream nearby. Along the trail that fl

  • Altitude: 2,651 m

Long before Tibet came under the power of China and the import of sea salt from India, Tibet would be the major source

  • Altitude: 2,590 m

Deurali, which means ridge in Nepali, is a small ridgetop lunch stop. However, there are two clusters of lodges here an

  • Altitude: 3,092 m

This kilometer long serpentine village was built recently to cater to visitors. Before, it was just 'Banthanti', a rest

  • Altitude: 2,290 m

Yes those crazy steps are now behind you!! Reward yourself with some refreshments and enjoy your first view of the loft

  • Altitude: 2,055 m

Nayapul which literally means "New Bridge" is where the hustle of a national highway outshines the tranquility of natur

  • Altitude: 1,020 m

Chuile is a small village with basic lodges and is basically a speedbreaker to slow down your descent to the Kimrong st

  • Altitude: 2,195 m
Australian Camp

Australian Camp is one of the best kept secrets of the area. For expansive mountain views, it as good as if not better

  • Altitude: 2,050 m

Gurjung with its homely lodges is a perfect place for lunch if you are on your way to Chhomrong. It also has the distin

  • Altitude: 2,050 m
Siran Tal

Siran Tal is simply an offshoot of Tal and being located to the north or so to speak at the head is called Siran (head)

  • Altitude: 1,678 m

Landruk is the smaller and somewhat plainer sister of Ghandruk. It is nevertheless a large Gurung village with decent a

  • Altitude: 1,659 m
New Bridge

With the sunshine and the steady hum of Modi River beneath, New Bridge is the perfect place to appreciate the contours

  • Altitude: 1,469 m
Thorung Phedi

The name Phedi in Nepali means 'base of a hill'. It is a two lodge affair. Thorung base camp is the larger lodge and Ho

  • Altitude: 4,530 m
Jhinu Danda

Jhinu Danda is a small ridgetop settlement that is famous for its hot springs. If you are in the mood for a dip, the ho

  • Altitude: 1,740 m

The cane bamboo that starts to appear around New Bridge becomes such an unmistakable feature round here that the place

  • Altitude: 2,300 m

Tikhedhunga, which means sharp stones in Nepali, is located right beside the Bhurungdi stream amidst the cool shade of

  • Altitude: 1,555 m

If you skipped on lunch at Banthanti, Nangethati is the perfect place to have lunch. Wonderfully set, with forests on a

  • Altitude: 2,510 m
Kimrong Khola

Located on the northern bank of a small tributary of the Modi Khola, there are a couple of small eateries here. Whether

  • Altitude: 1,820 m

Tadhapani which literally means 'Far Water' in Nepali got its name as the water source was once a long distance from th

  • Altitude: 2,700 m

Also spelled Dzong, this village is historically important primarily because of the fort that used to stand here on the

  • Altitude: 3,594 m

The name of this place is said to be inspired by the sound of gurgling water in a nearby water source. While there is a

  • Altitude: 820 m
Shri Chaur

Shri Chaur is a small village in which almost every other house is a lodge. You will enter and exit the village like Ji

  • Altitude: 1,160 m

Qunche is a very small village with two lodges. If you are walking at a frantic pace you probably won't even realize th

  • Altitude: 2,140 m

Pairothapla is the last village in Mustang district. You will soon be entering Myagdi district which is mostly populate

  • Altitude: 1,900 m

Ghermu is a rarity. What might seem like a small patch of flat land is actually as large as the Great Plains would be i

  • Altitude: 1,154 m

Dharapani is the first village in the circuit with an ACAP and police check post, so get ready with your permits. Besid

  • Altitude: 1,900 m

At Timang you will feel the sudden increase in altitude. The approximate difference between Timang and Danakyu is 400 m

  • Altitude: 2,620 m

Khingar is just a small village to the west of Jharkot with nothing much of interest other than a settlement mound wher

  • Altitude: 3,380 m

Bhratang is characterized by large apple orchards. Although nowhere near to Marpha's orchards in scale, Bhratang can be

  • Altitude: 2,900 m

Talekhu is a small settlement with large fields of wheat, barley, and buckwheat surrounding it on all sides. Not many p

  • Altitude: 2,790 m

For the district of Manang, Chame is an important town as it is the district headquarter. It is also important to trek

  • Altitude: 2,704 m

Kalopani literally means 'black water' in Nepali. It is from here that the relatively calm Kali Gandaki river narrows d

  • Altitude: 2,540 m

Ngawal/ Nawal is one of the oldest and the largest villages in the Nyeshyang region. Along with Manang and Bhraka, Ngaw

  • Altitude: 3,660 m

The settlement of Bhraka or Braga (originally spelled and pronounced as Braga) can be seen on a slightly elevated land

  • Altitude: 3,520 m

With just two lodges Ghusang (also spelled Gunsang) is a small village. The settlement is towards the south from the tr

  • Altitude: 3,920 m
Yak Kharka

Kharka in Nepali means alpine pasture. Yaks used to graze in these lands and so the locals started identifying this pla

  • Altitude: 4,036 m

Khangsar, or as is traditionally called Ngaba, is one of the older villages in the region and it sure has the charm to

  • Altitude: 3,740 m

Another one of the Paachgaon (Paach=five, gaon=village) which also has some apple orchards but isn't particularly famou

  • Altitude: 2,650 m

Samle is a small village right next to Dhumba Lake and one of the houses there will be able to help you if you find tha

  • Altitude: 2,780 m
Tibetan Camp

This isn't a separate settlement but rather a Tibetan camp, Duh! It is just an extension of Chhairo village. Surrounded

  • Altitude: 2,660 m

The name is Larjung probably because it's larger than the other two nearby villages of Khanti and Kobang. Bad joke, we

  • Altitude: 2,550 m

Syang is a quaint little village that will require a little climb away from the road. There are two tiers of settlemt i

  • Altitude: 2,780 m

For the mountain views, Naurikot couldn't have been positioned any better. To the west is the towering Dhaulagiri along

  • Altitude: 2,730 m

Lete is just an extension of Kalopani and there are only a few houses here. There is a police check post here where non

  • Altitude: 2,500 m

Kobang along with Khanti and Larjung is considered the cultural center of Thakalis. The Thakali people believe their an

  • Altitude: 2,560 m

The 'thanti' at the end of this village signifies that you have now left the cultural sphere of the Thakalis of lower M

  • Altitude: 2,520 m

Many trekkers end their Annapurna circuit trek at Ghasa because there is a bus stop here. There are buses and jeeps ava

  • Altitude: 2,000 m

Gadpar is a small village with the more important village of Dana on the other side. If it is getting late and there is

  • Altitude: 1,460 m

Dana used to be an old customs point during the days of the salt trade. Merchants would bring salt from the Tibetan lak

  • Altitude: 1,445 m

The first thing that you notice as you finish that climb onto Narchyang is the waterfall. The size of that thing is ama

  • Altitude: 1,400 m

Mipra is another Gurung homestay village with about five houses having gotten on the homestay bandwagon. And just like

  • Altitude: 1,335 m

Truth be said, Chokhopani is little more than a one house affair and we would not even have mentioned or marked this pl

  • Altitude: 2,620 m

Dhagai marks the end of what must have seemed like an endless climb from Khudi. However, there is not much here and sin

  • Altitude: 1,616 m

Quietly tucked in a side valley where few travelers go, this village is a gem. It also happens to be one of the few rem

  • Altitude: 3,020 m
Dhikur Pokhari

This place is named after a pond to the west of the lodge settlement which goes by the name Dhikur Pokhari. Dhikur or D

  • Altitude: 3,180 m

Patar is T minus 2. But as you cross that suspension bridge to climb up to the village of Narchyang, be ready for a sma

  • Altitude: 1,400 m

Syange is a tiny village with a handful of lodges on both sides of the road. The Syange waterfall is huge and makes its

  • Altitude: 1,110 m

You can easily miss this little village of Kurung and we don't blame you. This little village comes just before the dro

  • Altitude: 2,720 m

Putak is more like a crude collection of houses to look after the fields rather than a true village. As you enter this

  • Altitude: 3,420 m

It is a small village amidst large cultivation lands. But the colorful houses give a certain character to the village w

  • Altitude: 3,700 m
Upper Pisang

Consider Upper Pisang the elder brother of Lower Pisang. The height difference between them is a mere 100m. Surrounded

  • Altitude: 3,300 m

The small settlement of Ledar comes immediately after crossing a long suspension bridge. It is not a single cluster of

  • Altitude: 4,240 m
Old Kagbeni

The original name of this place is Kak Nyingba (Kak means "block") but nowadays is more commonly known as Eklebhatti wh

  • Altitude: 2,800 m

Khanti, Kobang, and Larjung are so close to each other that travellers fail to realize that these are separate villages

  • Altitude: 2,560 m

Locals relate that about 200 years ago the place where the current village is, used to be a small lake which gave the v

  • Altitude: 1,665 m

Koto is a pretty important village as it sits on the confluence of Marshyangdi and Nar rivers. If you take the trail to

  • Altitude: 2,620 m

Ngadi is a Gurung settlement inhabited by people from older villages higher up the slopes. Since this part of the area

  • Altitude: 940 m

Odar is a quaint little village that is getting very popular for its amazingly serene location and well run homestays.

  • Altitude: 2,194 m

Thini is perhaps the most important village in the lower part of Mustang in terms of culture. It is part of what is cal

  • Altitude: 2,860 m

Kopchepani is a small rustic Magar village with one lodge that might close anytime. Also at the southern end of the vil

  • Altitude: 1,700 m

Chhapdanda village has an active homestay community. It is another quintessential Gurung village with slate roofed hou

  • Altitude: 1,430 m
Nar Pass

(NOTE: No Accommodation Facility. Bring your own Tent.) At Naar Pass, you are greeted with a 360 view of the mountains

  • Altitude: 5,390 m
Pitam Deurali

Also known as Bhichok Deurali or simply Deurali, Pitam Deurali is a small ridge top tea/lunch spot with basic accommoda

  • Altitude: 2,134 m

Jharkot, also spelled Dzarkot or simply Dzar was a powerful place back in the days. I you visit this village today then

  • Altitude: 3,520 m
  • Altitude: 1,410 m
  • Altitude: 1,327 m
  • Altitude: 1,265 m
  • Altitude: 1,404 m
  • Altitude: 1,260 m
  • Altitude: 1,176 m
Naya Pul
  • Altitude: 1,095 m
  • Altitude: 1,258 m
Saiti Ghatta
  • Altitude: 1,299 m
  • Altitude: 1,311 m
  • Altitude: 1,948 m
Khora Mukh
  • Altitude: 1,082 m
  • Altitude: 1,111 m
  • Altitude: 1,176 m
  • Altitude: 1,171 m
Saure Bhanjyang
  • Altitude: 1,061 m
  • Altitude: 1,399 m
  • Altitude: 1,673 m
  • Altitude: 1,583 m
  • Altitude: 1,256 m
Kapoor Gau
  • Altitude: 1,609 m
Naayun Village
  • Altitude: 2,048 m
  • Altitude: 2,095 m
Ghanpokhara Village
  • Altitude: 2,159 m
Bakhri Kharka
  • Altitude: 1,783 m
  • Altitude: 1,335 m
  • Altitude: 1,389 m
  • Altitude: 1,482 m
Kalika Tham
  • Altitude: 1,158 m
  • Altitude: 1,435 m
  • Altitude: 1,343 m
  • Altitude: 1,203 m
  • Altitude: 821 m
  • Altitude: 1,661 m
  • Altitude: 1,010 m
Nepal Red Cross Society
  • Altitude: 1,019 m
  • Altitude: 1,019 m
  • Altitude: 1,829 m
Begnas Phulbari
  • Altitude: 810 m
  • Altitude: 1,068 m
  • Altitude: 808 m
  • Altitude: 1,986 m
  • Altitude: 1,932 m
  • Altitude: 1,645 m
Bharaburi Gaon
  • Altitude: 1,351 m
  • Altitude: 1,251 m
  • Altitude: 1,471 m
  • Altitude: 1,298 m
Lakuri Tole
  • Altitude: 709 m
  • Altitude: 1,624 m
  • Altitude: 1,262 m
  • Altitude: 1,488 m
Poultry Farm
  • Altitude: 703 m
  • Altitude: 1,748 m
  • Altitude: 3,000 m
  • Altitude: 3,230 m
  • Altitude: 3,300 m
  • Altitude: 3,440 m
  • Altitude: 3,630 m
  • Altitude: 3,010 m
  • Altitude: 2,215 m
Rest Camp
  • Altitude: 2,600 m
Low Camp
  • Altitude: 3,000 m
Middle Camp (Badal Danda)
  • Altitude: 3,260 m
High Camp
  • Altitude: 3,540 m
  • Altitude: 1,880 m
  • Altitude: 1,530 m
  • Altitude: 1,190 m
  • Altitude: 1,450 m
  • Altitude: 1,085 m
  • Altitude: 1,090 m
  • Altitude: 1,680 m
  • Altitude: 2,425 m
  • Altitude: 846 m
  • Altitude: 892 m
  • Altitude: 1,518 m
  • Altitude: 2,130 m
  • Altitude: 2,260 m
  • Altitude: 3,000 m
Mohare Danda
  • Altitude: 3,300 m
  • Altitude: 1,091 m
  • Altitude: 1,135 m
  • Altitude: 1,161 m
  • Altitude: 1,357 m
  • Altitude: 1,479 m
  • Altitude: 2,260 m
Forest Camp
  • Altitude: 2,450 m
  • Altitude: 3,763 m
Tilicho Base Camp
  • Altitude: 4,135 m
  • Altitude: 4,910 m
Mesokantu La
  • Altitude: 5,227 m
  • Altitude: 3,181 m
Pittam Deurali
  • Altitude: 2,138 m
Mardi Base Camp
  • Altitude: 4,214 m
  • Altitude: 4,057 m
Upper Sinuwa
  • Altitude: 2,713 m

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Going to the mountains
is going home.’
- John Muir
Great things are done when
men and mountains meet.’
- William Blake
There is no such thing as bad weather,
only inappropriate clothing.’
- Sir Ranulph Fiennes
Going to the mountains
is going home.’
- John Muir
Great things are done when
men and mountains meet.’
- William Blake
There is no such thing as bad weather,
only inappropriate clothing.’
- Sir Ranulph Fiennes