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Why you should not trek in Nepal

Nepal is simply and utterly beautiful. The raves of Nepal’s beauty and wildlife are endless and extensive. People plan their trek months in advance but honestly isn't months of planning for an activity which is just exhausting and remotely rewarding a bit futile? We totally understand some people are not like other normal people. Some truly are crazy that they would consider going on a trek, especially in Nepal. We may offend those people who are planning such a trip by giving reasons why you should not follow in suit. Yes you heard it right – “You should not trek in Nepal!!”. Nevertheless we need to reveal the whole truth, so here are some ruthless points that will surely convince you NOT to go trekking in Nepal:

-You don’t want to anger your friends and family

If you ever visit Nepal, then you would see an incredible bonding of man and nature. In the cold himalayan regions, people such as the Sherpas mesh together with the often inhospitable nature and still survive. The breath-taking scenery, the friendly attitude of the Nepalese people and pristine state of nature would compel you to tell your friends how wonderful it was. You just wouldn’t be able to stop bragging to the point of being annoying. Your near and dear ones will soon get envious and get angry. Why should only you have such an amazing experience? So to be safe than sorry, you should just plan a trip to Nepal with all your near and dear ones instead of just selfishly enjoying Nepal’s beauty by yourself.

-Your comfort zone is where you want to be all your life

You wake up on the same time, dress up for the same job, follow the same routine every single day. Nothing out of the ordinary or exhilarating ever happens or will happen. And you love it right? Who in their right minds would ever want to just leave and go trekking in some faraway place which has only breath-taking mountain views, friendly locals who worship nature as gods or just simply provides a chance to be in solitude closeness with nature. Who would ever want such an incredible experience right?right?right..

-Friendly people weird you out

Nepalese people are just friendly by nature. Nepalese people are even taught by their religious beliefs and traditions to treat their guests as lavishly as possible. There is even a famous saying-’Athiti dewa bhawa’ which means that guests are another form of god. Along the trekking trails of Nepal, Nepalese people try to help trekkers by simply helping them with directions or by providing meals and drinks. Their genuine friendliness and extreme humbleness may definitely seem weird.

-Mountain scenery just doesn’t take your breath away

Mountains are not just a big pile of rocks sprinkled with snow. Mountains are a symbol of a stairway into heaven. Surrounded by mountains, you get a feeling of walking among giants. If the view during the day of crisp blue sky above awe-inspiring mountains is not good enough then the views during full moon nights would certainly suffice. During a full moon night, the mountains glow under the enchanting moonlight. The serene and calm atmosphere is sure to remind you why nature is truly the epitome of beauty.

Annapurna Base Camp Panorama Image

-Trekking is full of hassles.

Trekking is just an overrated activity. The scenery seen during trekking can easily be enjoyed in the comfort of your house right? Unfortunately, wrong. You only see the pictures, you do not experience the places in the pictures. Pictures on a screen fail to evoke emotions of being awestruck, inspired or of solitude. Through trekking, you have an authentic interaction with people of different origins and a first-hand peek inside the diverse cultures and traditions. Only by trekking and actually travelling can you experience the true beauty of nature and of mother Earth.


  We have warned you as much as possible and if these above points apply then you should definitely not go for a trek in Nepal. If you disregard our warnings and still want to go and be guilty of viewing mountains, wandering with the wind and getting close to nature, we will certainly not be responsible! We admit trekking also has its share of problems but trekking apps by HoneyGuide apps have been launched which curb many of the hassles of trekking in Nepal. Deviation alerts, context sensitive and updated information regarding wildlife and ecosystem, detailed lodge information, mountain finder, maps are just some of the features of HoneyGuide apps. HoneyGuide apps are trekking trail specific and trekking apps for Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp and Ghorepani Poon Hill are available. So if  you ever do make the mistake of trekking in Nepal then you should surely bring along HoneyGuide apps, just to make the trip a little more memorable. Download the HoneyGuide trekking apps which are available for free for limited period of time.


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’Going to the mountains
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- John Muir
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men and mountains meet.’
- William Blake
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