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7 Problems during the Everest Base Camp Trek

Mount Everest

As you plan your trek to Everest Base Camp, there are certain things we want you to know in order to have the best possible experience and avoid unpleasant surprises.

1. Lukla Flight Cancellation:

Flight to Lukla
Flight to Lukla

One thing that you should know before going to Everest is that there are very limited flights to Lukla. There is a high possibility for the flights to get canceled due to bad weather condition in Lukla. In this case, a lot of the stranded passengers panic and offer to pay more to get back home. Those tourists who promise to spend more are seen to be given priority as because of the limited flights. This culture has helped fill pockets of the people involved in the airlines. However, thesedays you can book your flight to Lukla easily. Besides, you can take an alternative route to Lukla too. From Kathmandu, one can also fly to Phaplu or drive for a day to Salleri and then Lukla is a three days trek from Salleri. Helicopters are another option for a higher cost, of course! Helicopters are another option for a higher cost, of course!.

2. Altitude Sickness:

Let’s face it; altitude sickness is a very common problem for those trekking to Everest Base Camp. You are in the highlands of the Himalayas that accommodates the World’s Highest mountains, sure the pressure of oxygen gets low resulting several hazards on human health. Hence, Namche Bazaar and Dingboche/ Pheriche are the best destinations to stop by and hang around for a couple of days to acclimatize properly. Else, it can further lead to greater hazards. The best solution is to go slow and avoid things like sleeping pills and alcohol.

3. Khumbu Cough:

As you go higher, you will cough more, and at times the coughing can get so violent that it hurts like hell. Surprising as it might sound, there is no consensus on the cause on the treatment of the problem. Bronchial irritation due to cold, dry air perhaps has something to do with it. Breathing through the mouth is also thought to exacerbate the situation. The best way to avoid Khumbu cough is to breathe the humidified air by using a mask of some sort. A buff is great for this purpose, and a handkerchief will do just fine. Just make sure it isn’t too tight. Also, make sure to dress warmly and remember to protect your neck and head from the cold. Candies or cough drop will help.

4. Meatless weeks:

[Bad news for the meat lovers] It is most likely that you will eat vegetarian  food during your Everest Base Camp trek (And most of the high altitude treks in Nepal) for numerous reasons. First, the practice of slaughtering is completely forbidden in the Khumbu area due to the religious beliefs of Buddhism. Do not ask a local to do that for you. It will be a matter of disrespect to them. Second, the unrefrigerated chicken and eggs are brought all the way from Kathmandu through a flight. Third, if not from the capital, the potters carry meat (non-chicken) on their back from the village below Lukla called Kharikhola, by walking for several days. As a result, the meat is very unhygienic, and we don’t suggest to eat meat on the trail.

5. Wifi, ATM, and Hot showers come with extremely Hot prices:

It is pretty obvious that the prices will be higher as one elevates to the higher altitude. The geography compels to bring the goods either through airplanes to Lukla or through animals and porters on their back. Consequently, the prices are very high. In fact, Namche Bazaar is thrice as expensive as Kathmandu. Besides that, there are also facilities of Wifi available for which you have to pay around Rs. 100-500 per hour. The ATM facilities and Hot Showers also tail along with a high price. So, it is advisable to pack necessary gears to your Everest Base Camp Trek and also estimate the cost to trek in EBC properly.

6. Learn to Squat:

In most parts of Nepal, most people don’t have the standard toilets with, and hence, one has to be friends with squats. It might be a little problematic at first, but don’t worry it gets easy with practice. Just look at the picture, ‘that’ minus the hands is what you have to do. But not all the lodges have such a problem; several tea houses also offer standard toilets. If you want to know the lodge conditions, the facilities that the lodges offer and the prices they charge you, you can get the detailed information along with the privilege to book the lodges in Everest region online in our website.

7. A picture with Everest, Yes! But from Everest Base camp, No!:

Everest from Kala Patthar

Of course, it is a sweet little imagination to take a picture with Everest behind you from the Everest Base Camp, but the thing is, you cannot get a proper view of Everest from there. Instead, you can go to Kala Patthar for that purpose. Or, if you are trekking through the Three High Passes trek, Gokyo Ri trek is another convenient option.

By now, you might have had more than enough spoilers about Everest Base Camp trek but don’t just be sad yet! Here are a few things to cheer you up:

1. There are several luxury lodges on the trail. You can enjoy in well-facilitated rooms, proper washrooms, delicious food, hot showers, Wifi and more.
2. The hospitability, culture, and festivals of the Sherpa people are heartwarming.
3. The beautiful trail that takes you through snow-capped mountains, lush rhododendron forests, highland monasteries, etc. in itself is the best treat to eyes and soul.
4. You can take a side trip to witness the turquoise lakes of Gokyo, a clear view of the mountains from the vantage point of Gokyo Ri, Thame monastery, etc.

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