Day: June 9, 2015


Bagh Bhairav Temple, Kirtipur, Nepal

Bagh Bhairav temple, one of the oldest shrines in Kirtipur is known for the guardian deity, Bhairav in form of a tiger. The main statue and icon is composed of clay with a large silver mask with depiction of Bhairav.

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De Pukhu and Pukushi Narayan Temple, Kirtipur, Nepal

The pond is named De Pukhu, which in literal sense translates to country’s pond. Located right in the middle of a dense Newar settlement and to the south of Iconic Bagh Bhairav Temple of Kirtipur.

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Jackie Chan in Nepal

Jackie Chan arrived Nepal on Tuesday to distribute relief to earthquake victims.

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mountain teaser trees
’Going to the mountains
is going home.’
- John Muir
‘Great things are done when
men and mountains meet.’
- William Blake
‎’There is no such thing as bad weather,
only inappropriate clothing.’
- Sir Ranulph Fiennes