Upper Mustang

Trekking in Nepal
Upper Mustang Region

Fascinating Upper Mustang

Upper Mustang is a whole different world on it’s own in terms of interesting fossils as well. To be precise, this transcendent beauty is a masterpiece carved by the creator. If you think the unparalleled landscape is the only factor in Upper Mustang that leaves everyone in awe, excavating a little more about Upper Mustang would […]

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Trekking in Nepal
Upper Mustang Region

The Sky Caves Of Upper Mustang.

As when we think that the most significant human minds have explored all of the world’s possible mysteries- The sufficiency generating curiosity to go beyond Earth, some of the existing mysteries of Upper Mustang still leave archaeologists bewildered. Housed in the Trans-Himalayan region of Nepal, the kingdom lay forbidden up until two decades back. Besides […]

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mountain teaser trees
’Going to the mountains
is going home.’
- John Muir
‘Great things are done when
men and mountains meet.’
- William Blake
‎’There is no such thing as bad weather,
only inappropriate clothing.’
- Sir Ranulph Fiennes