Fascinating Upper Mustang

Upper Mustang is a whole different world on it’s own in terms of interesting fossils as well. To be precise, this transcendent beauty is a masterpiece carved by the creator. If you think the unparalleled landscape is the only factor in Upper Mustang that leaves everyone in awe, excavating a little more about Upper Mustang would be worth the endeavor. Besides the landscapes, mysterious caves, the intriguing history of the Salt Trade Route, seclusion from the outside world, varieties of species of wildlife, unique lifestyle of the Lowa (inhabitants of Upper Mustang) people, the remains of animalistic Bon religion and also the distinctive fossils in several areas of Upper Mustang are exquisite. read more

Best Side Trips of Manaslu Circuit Trek

And we wouldn’t want to lie when we say this, but being referred as a Beyul, Manaslu Circuit Trek, is certainly worth a try. Actually, a must go! Having no chaos at all, this region is another beautiful trekking destination of Nepal that takes you to the high altitudes, enchanting monasteries, lures with awesome mountain views, lets you across winsome lakes, and lonesome villages accommodating hospitable people. Manaslu Circuit Trek is a tea house trek in Nepal, which also lies in the Great Himalayan Trail. As we have informed you about the things to know before going to the Manaslu Circuit Trek earlier, you should also know the undeniably perfect side trips that you can take along this trail. read more

Best Side Trips of Everest Base Camp(EBC) Trek!

Everest Base Camp Trekking is definitely the most popular and the most alluring place to go trekking in Nepal. Most people from all over the world flock here to find an escape in the land of the himalayan mountains. The trek leads you through the orgasmic mountain panorama, breathtaking high suspension bridges, the lustful wooden trail, unique wildlife, secluded villages, spiritual monasteries and lets you inhale the well off Sherpa culture. Hike to Everest Base Camp is a whole different world where mountains are not just your soul food and religion but the entire universe, to be precise. Know the side trips that you can take to assure an unparalleled experience. read more

Best Of Annapurna Base Camp(ABC) Trek!

Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) Trek is one of best places to trek in Nepal and it is all about that lust for the mountains. But there’s so much more than the obvious mountains throughout the ABC trek that should keep your eyes wide open and feet on your toes. Along with the mountains, you will be accompanied by the cheerful Gurungs, lush vegetations, and Himalayan creatures. Here are some of the stuff that will make your ABC trek worthwhile. Do not miss them!

1. Annapurna Base Camp during full moon:
The base camp is your ultimate prize for choosing this trek and every aching limb will shout “It’s worth it!” once you reach the colosseum of mountains. You will be surrounded by these huge giants and you might find it hard to keep your mouth shut. Jaw drops are a common sight here. And on top of that, if you plan a perfect trek to reach ABC during a full moon, that might just be the best decision you have made. The mountains glow up powered by the moon and will not let you sleep for you will want to stare at these sparkling giants the whole night!Annapurna Base Camp read more

An Independent Trekker’s Guide To Everest Base Camp

Trekking alone in a foreign land isn’t always as enthralling as it sounds. First, you need to find a proper source of undiluted trekking information, which will be your ultimate guide in the Himalayas. Everest Base Camp is certainly one of the most popular and adventurous trekking destinations in Nepal, more like a mountain museum with all the stuff displayed for real. It will be tiring to manage a proper trip on your own, as you will have a whole bunch of things to do like getting permits, finding hotels, shop for gears, buy maps, book flight tickets and more. However, if you have that zeal to explore like a local, travel cheaply and gain an experience of a lifetime, trekking solo to Everest Base Camp should be a piece of cake! Here’s your guide to trekking independently and witnessing the best of Everest !
(P.S you should never ask these questions to Nepalese) read more

5 Best Side-trips of Annapurna Circuit

The Annapurna Circuit is the ultimate trek in terms of variety and adventure. With her you will shrug shoulders with polite Brahmins, gutsy Gurungs, regal Ghales, smiling Lobas and hospitable Thakalis. With her, you will earn bragging rights for scrambling past one of the highest mountain passes and gliding through one of the deepest river valleys. With her, you will have mountains for breakfast, plunge pools for lunch and milky way for dinner. Musk Deers, Blue Sheep, Griffons and Monals will give you company while primulas, irises and rhododendrons will light up your way.
And besides the obvious, the Annapurna Circuit trek also offers alluring bonuses that you would want to grab and add up to your itinerary. Know the Best Side-trips of Annapurna Circuit. read more

Know The SPOILERS- Everest Base Camp Trek!

As you plan to set your foot in the land where the mighty Everest stands all chilled as it has since forever, there are certain things we want you to know. Well, that counts just in case you want a better trekking experience.
You might have a whole bunch of trending to do list prepared and an imagination of a savvy picture that you want to capture with Everest smiling back on your frame from Everest Base Camp. But wait! That is exactly where you might go wrong. So this blog is compiled with experience to aware you about the possible SPOILERS while trekking to Everest Base Camp. read more

The Major Attractions in Three High Passes Trek to Everest Base Camp

If you are someone with a high adrenaline rush, waiting to conquer the top of the world (the Everest way), Gokyo and three high passes trek is perfect for you. That’s right! Only a few determined trekkers choose to take up this adventurous Everest Base Camp (EBC) trek that lets you experience the beautiful highs and lows of the Khumjung Valley. The Gokyo and Three high passes Trek is an optional trek encompassing the three high passes of Everest Region: Renjo La (5,388 m), Cho La (5,380 m) and the highest Kongma La (5,535 m). Talking about the perks of this trail, it takes you down to the Dudhkoshi valley ornamented with the beautiful turquoise glacial lakes, Gokyo Ri, the highland monasteries, the outlying Nangpa La Valley, Sherpa village, colorful trails through the woody and lush rhododendron forests and above all, an experience of a lifetime!
So these are the major attractions in the Everest Base Camp trek through Gokyo and three High passes: read more

The Sky Caves Of Upper Mustang.

As when we think that the greatest human minds have explored all of the world’s possible mysteries- The sufficiency generating curiosity to go beyond Earth, some of the existing mysteries of Upper Mustang still leave archaeologists bewildered. Housed in the Trans-Himalayan region of Nepal, the kingdom lay forbidden up until two decades back.Besides the white polished landscapes, enthralling mountains, outlandish villages and the sublime remoteness, the presence of more than 10,000 cave complexes add up a mystical charm to Upper Mustang. read more

5 Weird Things In Jomsom-Muktinath Trek

As extravagantly beautiful the trails stretching from Jomsom-Muktinath (a part of Annapurna Circuit Trek) are, there are some really weirdly cool stuffs that you might witness as you devour the journey. But you don’t have to worry, it has nothing to do with the optimum possibility that you shall return home (from 3800 meters) a rich storyteller- to tell people that you have eaten the YacDonald’s burger and been where Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix, supposedly had been. Haha! Fact or Fallacy? Well a lot of them still unanswered.
Okay, let’s get started! read more