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Hotels in Gorakshep, Everest Region- A Complete Guide

Hotels in Gorakshep

Gorakshep is the last settlement with hotels during your Everest Trek at an altitude of 5100 meters. Trekkers stay in Gorakshep and take side trips to Everest Base Camp and Kala Pathhar. Being at a very high altitude, it is very likely that most people don’t feel very well by the time they reach Gorakshep. There are limited hotels in this place, which aren’t even operable all year around. Hence, accommodation in Gorakshep is a crucial thing that you must never overlook. This blog will help you plan your stay in Gorakshep during Everest Base Camp Trek.

What are the rooms like in the hotels?

Hotel Room with Twin Beds in Everest Inn
Room with Twin Beds in Everest Inn

There are only basic rooms with shared toilets in Gorakshep. Rooms are very basic with nothing but only beds. Although hotels offer a blanket and woolen bed sheets, rooms can be very cold so you should consider bringing your sleeping bags. During high flow of tourists, many trekkers are forced to stay in dining areas as well. 
Cost of such rooms= USD 7 for rooms with twin bed and USD 10 if the room has more beds.

Do I Need To Book Rooms In Advance?

Due to the National Park’s restriction on building new hotels, there are only 5 hotels in Gorakshep. You can guess how full hotels will be. The reason why most trekkers don’t book beforehand is because: one- most people don’t know if they can book a hotel in Gorakshep beforehand, and two- because of the fear that whether they’ll reach on the booked date.

What services can I expect in the Gorakshep hotels?

Food and Beverages

Despite being the last village in the trail, at an altitude of 5100 meters, the food menu in Gorakshep has many choices. Can’t always guarantee food to taste great, but it is definitely mountain good! The prices for meals are pretty high, however similar through all hotels.
The tentative price for one dish ranges from USD 4-USD 8
Set Breakfast: USD 6 -USD 10
Soup: USD 4-USD 6

Sample menu from Gorakshep
Sample menu from Gorakshep

It is very important to stay hydrated to be safe from Altitude sickness in Everest Region, so you have all sorts of drinks available like tea, coffee, hot juice, etc. Water scarcity is a big problem in Gorakshep. Hotels have made a water pond and water is carried everyday for all purposes. You’ll be charged for every cup of hot water that you drink.
Beverage Price Range: USD 1 -USD 4
Water cost: USD 1- 2 per cup

Battery Charging

You have battery charging options in the dining hall. The prices are very expensive so we recommend you to pack wisely for Everest Trek by bringing your own power banks, especially solar powered. You’ll be charged on a per hour basis and have higher charges if you wish to charge your camera gears. Costs are as follows:
Cost: USD 4- USD 5 per hour for mobile charging 

Hot Showers

Showers in Gorakshep is not advised for health and altitude reasons even by the hotels. However, if someone is in absolute need of it, the cost is around USD 10 for a quick hotel bucket shower.

Cellular Network

Surprisingly, the NTC cell network works in Gorakshep. The hotel owners, together after multiple efforts, have been able to install a tower in this last village. After Pangboche, Gorakshep is the only place with a phone reception. It is decent enough for calls, but not strong enough for smooth internet.

Internet/ Wifi

Since they have NTC towers set up, you can expect some patchy internet from NTC in Gorakshep. However, it is not very reliable.
Beside NTC, you have Everest Link available in the Gorakshep. The wifi is suitable for sending out quick updates and messages in emergencies. When the weather is terrible or snowy, the internet will be very patchy. Data volume and prices are as follows:
-600 MB, Price: Nrs. 600 ~ USD 6 [Lodge specific, only runs in the particular lodge
– 10 GB, Validity: 30 days, Price: Nrs. 1999 ~ USD 18 [Not lodge specific, can use the date pack anywhere in the trail]
– 20 GB, Validity: 30 days, Price: Nrs. 2999 ~ USD 25


Due to the extreme cold, hotels have squat toilets so that the water won’t freeze. Toilets are shared, with one or two on each floor, and you’ll find water separately in big tanks and drums. During peak seasons, when the flow of trekkers is high, the toilets can be filthy despite the efforts of the hotel staff.

Other Services:

Hotels generally don’t have any other extra services to offer. However, you can ask the hotel you’re staying for packed meals and a thermos of drink when you’re heading for Everest Base camp or Kala Patthar. Hotels will also arrange helicopter services and horse services in case of need.

My TOP 2 Hotel Picks for Gorakshep

Hotel Everest Inn

Hotel Everest Inn, Gorakshep
Hotel Everest Inn, Gorakshep

Hotel Everest Inn is comparatively a new hotel built by the owners after selling Yeti Resort (right next to Everest Inn). It has relatively better services with options like electric blankets at additional cost and young, friendly staff.
See services, prices, and photos of Hotel Everest Inn.

Snow Land Highest Inn

Snow Land Highest Inn, Gorakshep
Snow Land Highest Inn, Gorakshep

All hotels generally have pretty much the same service level in Gorakshep. It is close to the helipad and has a large capacity.
See services, prices and photos of Snow Land Highest Inn 

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