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Hotels in Lobuche, Everest Region- A Complete Guide

Hotels in Lobuche

Tucked safely in a corner near the meeting point of Lobuche mountain and Khumbu glaciers, Lobuche offers some of the most breathtaking views of the mountains. It is your second last stop before Everest Base Camp. There are over half a dozen hotels to provide you a decent accommodation in the area. To make your experience better and stay comfortable, here’s a complete guide to plan your stay in Lobuche.

What kind of accommodation will I find in Lobuche?

A Room with Twin Beds in Oxygen Altitude Home
A Room with Twin Beds in Oxygen Altitude Home

Your accommodation option in Lobuche are hotels. These hotels have decent rooms, warm dining halls and good food options available to serve trekkers on the trails. Except for some big expedition groups, most trekkers stay in hotels. Tea houses are run by Sherpas, and hotels have similar rooms, services and prices. You will only find basic rooms in the hotels with two or more beds, a table and a dustbin. Hotels offer warm blankets and mattresses, although you can bring your own sleeping bag if you like.
Cost of such rooms= USD 7 for a room with twin beds and  USD 10 for rooms with more beds.

Do I Need To Book Rooms In Advance?

Like in Gorakshep- there are limited lodges in Lobuche due to the National Park’s restriction on building new hotels. During peak seasons, finding a room is very difficult and many end up in dining halls. So it is always better if you book rooms for yourself beforehand. 

To help you make your stay comfortable, HoneyGuide has hotel booking options that guarantees you rooms in Lobuche. It also provides a flexibility of 2 days to coordinate booking changes with hotels and has easy cancellation policies.

What services can I expect in the Lobuche hotels?

Food and Beverages

Sample menu in Lobuche
Sample menu in Lobuche

No matter where you are in the Everest Base Camp Trekking trails, hotels have an extensive menu for you. You’ll find Dal Bhat, spaghetti, momos, spring rolls, pizzas and everything you might find in lower altitudes. You also have many options for drinks, and boiled/hot water cost you extra. The menu price is pretty similar throughout Lobuche.
The tentative price for one dish ranges from USD 4-USD 8.
Set Breakfast: USD 6 -USD 10
Soup: USD 4-USD 6
Beverages price range: USD 1- USD 4
Hot Water: USD 1 -2 per cup

Battery Charging

Charging your devices is only available in the dining hall near the reception desk. The prices are as follows:
Cost: USD 4- USD 5 per hour for mobile charging and USD 10 for charging camera batteries and power banks.

It’s best if you can bring your own solar powered charging devices as it saves you money, and also don’t have to wait for your turn by queuing up.

Hot Showers

You will only find bucket showers in Lobuche. However, it’s best to avoid showers at this altitude. The cost for a bucket shower is around USD 7.

Cellular Network

None of the Cellular networks work in Lobuche. So Everest Link is your only option for emergencies.

Internet/ Wifi

You only have the Wifi Service provided by Everest Link in Lobuche. All the hotels have wifi cards available which you can buy. The wifi is only good for quick messages, location updates or posting a picture. When the weather is bad or snowy, the internet will be very patchy. Data volume and prices are as follows: 
-600 MB, Price: Nrs. 600 ~ USD 6 [Lodge specific, only runs in the particular lodge]
-10 GB, Validity: 30 days, Price: Nrs. 1999 ~ USD 18 [Not lodge specific, can use the date pack anywhere in the trail]
-20 GB, Validity: 30 days, Price: Nrs. 2999 ~ USD 25 


Starting Lobuche, you won’t find western style toilets in most hotels. It is always easier and cleaner to maintain squat toilets. Water is stored in drums. Since toilets are common for a floor, it can get dirty in peak seasons, when there’s a high flow of trekkers.

Other Services:

In Lobuche, you’ll find a bakery located right outside of Hotel Mother Earth, probably the highest bakery in the mountains which also has a coffee machine. Besides, hotels can help you arrange helicopters and horses in case of need.

2 Best Hotels in Lobuche

Oxygen Altitude Home

Oxygen Altitude Home, Lobuche
Oxygen Altitude Home, Lobuche

Oxygen Altitude Home is my personal favourite pick when it comes to staying in Lobuche. The hotel has rooms with comfortable beds and warm bed covers. Besides, the place has clean toilets and warm dining halls for a better experience.
See services, prices and photos of Oxygen Altitude Home.

New EBC Guest House

New EBC Guest House, Lobuche
New EBC Guest House, Lobuche

New EBC Guest House, is a new hotel in Lobuche. The dining is warm, comfortable beds, and good mattresses in rooms. It also has a Sun Room.
See services, prices and photos of New EBC Guest House.


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