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The Traveller’s New Year’s Resolution

By: Avinav Bista

We all like a bit of adventure in our lives, and what says adventure better than travelling. And every year, around the end of December, we make vows of seeing the world more, to lose ourselves in the simple joy of exploring our surroundings yet by the end of January, the same drive a person felt a month prior is overcome with schedules and plans that are monotonous and not a single bit exciting. So to help you keep your New Year’s resolution, we at HoneyGuide bring you the ultimate list of travel tips for the budding adventurer:-


1) Start Small: Travelling doesn’t have to mean crossing the seven seas or climbing Mt. Everest, it can be as simple as visiting the next town over which you never did or even just exploring your own city in a new light. There are numerous things that you won’t have seen in your own hometown and you can start there. So open the door and take a trip down a lesser walked path, visit the museum at the edge of town or just get in the car and drive. Like *insert famous person* said, “Start Small, Finish Big”.


2) Give Your Guide Book A Break: Guidebooks are notorious for planning a person’s entire trip and while some may prefer them, they take out the adventure of travelling. The fear of the unknown is actually a good thing since it challenges your preconceptions about the place you wish to visit, so leave LonelyPlanet alone and take a stroll through a strange city’s streets by yourself. You’d be amazed at the things you will find when all you have to rely on is yourself. Besides there are numerous travel apps that are informative but not overbearing like guide books and can serve you better.


3) Pack Small, Pack Right: Travelling costs money, like anything. Before you even set foot on a plane or a bus, there are numerous things you’ll have to pay for. The least of which isn’t luggage. Unless you are planning on traversing the Amazon or climbing Mt. Annapurna, you won’t really need a large checklist or inventory. Nowadays, the essentials of travelling can be found in every city in the world so it’s best to take only what you need. Besides, you don’t want to overburden yourself with countless items when only a few can do. Try the latest in clothing technology to keep your weight limit low; with quick drying shirts, water and wind resistant jackets and a variety of similarly designed items, you’ll only need the bare minimum when travelling.


4) Know your Destination, not the Journey: It’s good to be prepared, especially when travelling. Knowing where you are going is as important as anything. From the climate to the socio-economic conditions of a location, everything should be considered. What shouldn’t be overly planned however is the journey. Don’t nitpick every single phase of your travel route, it doesn’t make it any easier and only adds stress to what should be a joyful and exciting adventure.


5) Choose the Right Technology: Working in the tourism field, you meet a lot of people who just can’t take a break from their phones and their tablets. While it is important to have electronic devices that can help you at the touch of the button, don’t overdo it and rely solely on your phone. Because whether you like it or not, there aren’t going to be internet hubs and cell phone towers everywhere you go. In fact, if there is an abundance of technology around you, chances are you’re just substituting the scenery and not experiencing anything new. So it’s best to simplify the amount of tech you take on your travels. Your best bet would be a simple smartphone with the correct travel apps, as they don’t rely on wireless data but have an indexed directory on your device. Also they have just as good gps services. If you’re not convinced by this, feel free to check out Waze, Triposo or our very own HoneyGuide, they all have one thing in common and it’s satisfied users.


6) Choose the Right Companions: This is going to sound harsh but not everyone wants to travel to the same place for the same reasons. I’ve heard people talk about the same place in a multitude of manners. Some like to travel for leisure while others for adventure. It’s good to be with your friends but if you’re looking for something specifically you, consider going at it by yourself. And if you are the group traveller, you can always look up the travel forums to see if you can tag along with somebody or vice-versa. Meeting new people is half the fun of travelling so why not start at home?


7) Stay in the Moment: The most important thing in this list is this: Take your time and enjoy yourself. Travelling should be fun not hectic, so have a simple plan and stick to it. While you can sightsee all seven wonders of the world in a month, you can’t really experience their majesty if you are on a plane every four days. Find a place where you can truly enjoy yourself and stay there for a time. Look up information about the place you are in and learn something new, even if no one cares but you, it will be worth the effort. A month in a single country is better than running across an entire continent.


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