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Nepal Earthquake: Heritage Sites Outside Kathmandu Valley

The heritage sites post earthquake all over Nepal saw some kind of damage; minor, partial or complete. Outside the valley (see our list for: Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur), the damages have been significant.

Let's take a look at the status of the heritages: Heritage Sites Location Current Status
1 Manakamana Temple Gorkha Partially Destroyed
2 Gorkha Durbar Gorrkha Partially Destroyed
3  Palanchowk Bhagawati Kavrepalanchowk Partially Destroyed
4 Rani Mahal Palpa Partially Destroyed
5 Janaki Mandir Janakpur Partially Destroyed
6 Churiyamai Temple Makwanpur Partially Destroyed
7 Dolakha Bhimsensthan Dolakha Partially Destroyed
8 Nuwakot Durbar Nuwakot Partially Destroyed
9 Gorkha Kalika Gorkha Completely Destroyed
10 Main Sanctum of Namobuddha Kavrepalanchowk Partially Destroyed
11 Shiva Mandir (Chandeshwori Complex) Kavrepalanchowk Completely Destroyed
12 Pashupati Temple Kavrepalanchowk Partially Damaged
13 Shiva Temple – Banepa Dabali Kavrepalanchowk Partially Damaged
14 Gorakhnath Temple Gorkha Completely Destroyed
15 Bhairavi Temple Nuwakot Partially Damaged
16 Chautaro of Ramshah Gorkha  
17 Chaitya – North to Bhairavi Temple Nuwakot Completely Destroyed
18 Chaitya – South to Bhairavi Temple Nuwakot

Partially Damaged

19 Pujari Ghar – South to durbar gate Nuwakot Partially Damaged
20 Tripurasundari temple Dolakha Partially Damaged
21 Lamjung Durbar Lamjung Partially Damaged


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