Karya Binayak Mandir, Nepal

Karya Binayak is widely revered as a protector deity of Khokana town and some say Bungamati as well. Like Jal Binayak was supposedly established a protector to holy rain giving Nagas residing in Tau Daha lake.

Binayak is a common alternative name of Ganesh, the elephant headed God. Son of lord Shiva, he is believed to manifest good luck and hence is he worshipped first in almost all religious and auspicious occasions. This particular one, Karya Binayak, directly translates to ‘Work Ganesh’ (Karya = Work, Binayak = Ganesh). Before people begin any work, project and any new endeavour, they often worship Karya Binayak first. As guided by faith, Tuesday and Saturday are regarded as auspicious days to visit the temple.

It has very rich history linked with the most prestigious god, Rato Machhendranath. In days of yore, when a 12-year long drought ravaged Kathmandu valley and killed thousands, the Kings of all three cities collaboratively found the solution. The guru of Gorakhnath, Machindranath was brought to the valley to make gorakhnath release all nine holy serpents who had the divine task of bringing rain to the valley. The nine serpents were trapped under meditating Gorakhnath who used the serpents as the cushion. As mentioned in genealogical records of the Gopals, ruling ethnicity of the era, Karya Binayak was established so as to have all the good luck for a successful completion of Rato-Machindranath temple which was about to begin.

Every year in Mangsir Purnima (full moon night in the month of Mangshir in Nepali calendar), a ceremony is held that requires worshipping both Rato Machindranath and Karya Binayak at very same auspicious date and time; the liturgy can be witnessed in Bungamati. Karya Binayak is brought to Rato Machindranath and revolved three times around the temple and then the Binayak is taken to the Priest’s home. This is an indication of the end of the Jatra.

The temple is small yet artistic one,  bells are on all facades of the temple and two metal flags on each side of the door makes it look more vintage. Not to forget the rodent, the vehicle of the Ganesh, facing the shrine brightly in the courtyard is a signature of all Ganesh temples and is noticeable even from the distance.

Karya Binayak temple in Nepal is also one of the most important temples in Nepal, is dedicated to Ganesh, the view is spectacular from the Karya Binayak

Karya Binayak temple is also one of the most important temples in Nepal. (Photo credit: olgarani.blogspot.com)



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