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Hotels in Lukla, Everest Region- A Complete Guide

Hotels in Lukla

Lukla (2900m) is a little Airport town and the most popular gateway to the Everest Region. Every single trekker, except the ones traveling from Phaplu or Salleri or Jiri, has to step their foot here before embarking on their Everest journey. Hence, there are several hotels, lodges, local eateries, banks, money exchange counters, gear shops, souvenir stores, coffee shops, Burger houses, pool places, pubs, and even barbershops in Lukla to cater the needs of trekkers. Being in an accessible area in terms of labor and resources, Lukla has comparatively well-serviced hotels in terms of rooms and facilities. If you’re wondering what accommodation is like in Lukla, here is a complete guide.

What kind of accommodation will I find in Lukla?

Lukla offers you a wide range of options for accommodation like teahouses, hotels as well as luxury hotels for all budgets and preferences during your trek to Everest Base Camp or Gokyo Ri. Teahouses are basically homes of locals, later upgraded as lodges with better beds and multiple food options. Hotels, or lodges, have been built with many rooms to accommodate a large number of trekkers. These hotels have all the facilities a trekker needs to survive a trek comfortably, including proper menu and dedicated staff for handling operation. Similarly, you’ll also find hotels designed for luxury like Yeti Mountain Home to serve you comfort like no less than hotels in Kathmandu. Generally, these hotels have sales offices in Kathmandu and rarely accept walk-in clients, and have high tariffs.

What are the rooms like in the hotels?

You’ll generally find two categories of rooms in hotels: Basic Room without attached toilets and Rooms with Attached Toilets.

Basic rooms

A Basic room in Lukla
A Basic room in Lukla

Basic Rooms are the rooms without toilets attached in the rooms. Rooms have twin beds, a table, dustbin, hanger, and charging ports inside. The rooms are pretty warm, with thick blankets and mattresses. You can always ask for extra blankets in case of need.
Cost of such rooms= Ranges from USD 5 – USD 10 depending on the number of beds in the room.

Rooms with Attached Bathroom

A Deluxe room with attached toilet
A Deluxe room with attached toilet

Hotels have Standard as well as Deluxe Rooms with Attached toilets. The amenities inside are different depending on the hotels. However, all of these are designed for comfort and god experience to mark a high end to your trek. Hot showers are complementary.
Cost of such rooms= Starting USD 10- USD 50

Do I Need To Book A Hotel In Advance?

As there are numerous hotels, it won’t be fair to say that you must book a hotel in advance in Lukla. Besides, a lot of times, trekkers are not even sure the exact date of their return. However, hotels in Lukla can be unpredictably busy if there are flight cancellations for multiple days due to bad weather. Additionally, it also makes sense to book in advance if you want to stay in a hotel near the Airport. If you book your hotel from HoneyGuide, you have the flexibility of +/- 2 days (with prior information) and easy cancellation policy if you’re concerned about the date change issue.

What services can I expect in the Lukla hotels?

Food and Beverages

Food and Drinks in Everest Base Camp Trek is a luxury. Even in Lukla, most hotels have a wide variety of food and beverage options and dedicated cooks allocated for the kitchen. Here’s a sample menu of one of the hotels for reference:
Besides, there are also restaurants of different cuisines and coffee places in the town.

Battery Charging

Thankfully, Lukla is one of the very few places in the Everest Region trail where you don’t have to pay an extra fee for charging your batteries. In most hotels, there are charging ports available in rooms, and just in case it isn’t, you can plug it in the dining area.

Hot Showers

In most hotels, if you get yourself a room with an attached toilet, a hot shower comes as a complimentary service. Hotels can either have a solar or geyser shower option available.
If you are staying in a basic room with a shared toilet, you have to pay an extra amount for hot showers, which cost you anything between USD 3- USD 5.

Cellular Network

Both NTC and Ncell networks work fine in Lukla.

Internet/ Wifi

In Lukla, you have wide options for wifi as follows

  1. Since both Ncell and NTC work fine, you can operate your own data pack easily from your mobile phones at a very reasonable rate starting USD 4 for a full day data pack.
  2. Most hotels provide you free wifi which works great in the dining area and even in your rooms depending on the distance. Besides, you’ll find free wifi in all the restaurants and coffee shops around.
  3. If you are looking for a single internet service that will serve you throughout your trip, you can go for the internet provided by Everest Link that works even when you are at higher altitudes, including Gorakshep, Gokyo, and most sections of Three Pass Trek.
    The cost is as follows:
    -10 GB, Validity: 30 days, Price: Nrs. 1999 ~ USD 18 [Not lodge specific, can use the date pack anywhere in the trail]
    -20 GB, Validity: 30 days, Price: Nrs. 2999 ~ USD 25


Hotels have western-style toilets. However, always carry toilet rolls as water may not be available inside toilets everywhere.

Other Amenities

The other amenities that you might find in hotels are POS machines that accept Credit Cards, Laundry services, etc.
Hotels can help you arrange flight tickets as well.

My TOP 5 Accommodation Picks for Lukla:

Himalaya Lodge

Himalaya Lodge, Lukla
Himalaya Lodge, Lukla

Himalaya Lodge is the oldest hotel in Lukla located perfectly to serve you a great view of the Airport. The hotel offers accommodation for both budget and luxury trekkers. The interiors beautifully reflect local culture and  hospitality offered by the hosts is unmatched. Highly Recommended.
See services, prices, and photos of Himalaya Lodge, Lukla here

Buddha Lodge

Buddha Lodge, Lukla
Buddha Lodge, Lukla

Situated right beside Tenzing Hillary Airport, Buddha lodge is one convenient lodge with nice and cozy rooms and great food. All the rooms in the hotels have twin beds with attached toilets and hot showers available. The hotel owner has contacts with Airlines which is a big plus.
See services, prices, and photos of Buddha Lodge here.

North Face Resort

North Face Resort, Lukla
North Face Resort, Lukla

Another hotel situated in the town, North Face Resort is a big hotel with many  rooms and a spacious dining hall to accommodate a large number of trekkers. It offers a wide range of room options for various prices.
See services, prices, and photos of North Face Resort here.

Yeti Mountain Home

Yeti Mountain Home, Lukla
Yeti Mountain Home, Lukla

Yeti Mountain Home is your best option if you’re looking for a luxurious stay with services and a proper hotel staff like in hotels in Kathmandu. The tariffs are very high so perfect if you are not on a limited budget.
See services, prices, and photos of Yeti Mountain Home here.

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