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HoneyGuide goes ‘Wild West’ with Tourism Development Society (TDS)

A Machan over the grasslands of Shuklaphanta National Park

Hands Down! Mountains are the unparalleled attractions that differentiate Nepal from the whole wide world. No wonder, Nepal sees a large number of trekkers every year- the population only increasing! But let’s admit, there also lies a huge fraction of the population in the world, who loves traveling leisurely. Today’s travelers have evolved to people who are looking to indulge in local experiences and are keen be exposed to in-depth knowledge of anything they are interested in.

People from West Nepal
Faces of Mahendranagar. Photo Credit: Ashim GC

Respecting the larger perspectives, HoneyGuide, partnering with The Tourism development Society (TDS) of Far Western Region, would like to officially announce that HoneyGuide will make an App to promote the highly overlooked, yet one of the most potential Tourism destinations of Nepal, ‘The Wild West’. It will be available to download both on Google’s Play Store as well as Apple’s App Store. The prime focus of the App, which will be branded under ‘Tourism Development Society’ is the Terai belt of the Western Region of Nepal from Nepalgunj to Mahendranagar. Despite the obvious reasons for being a home to the amazingly diverse wildlife, this virgin beauty of the West also shelters the remnants of the history, archaeology, religious monuments, deep-rooted local culture, and many more unheard stories.

Don’t believe us? Here is an incredible promo video by Sisan Baniya from Paradygm Productions. See for yourself! 🙂
[Skip to 2:35 for the actual video]

Travelling with our App, you will get acquainted with all the nooks and corners of West Nepal -mainly Banke, Bardiya, Kailali, and Kanchanpur districts. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Coverage of National Parks: The detailed information of the National Parks of West Nepal- Bardiya NP, Shuklaphanta NP.

    The gate of Shuklaphanta NP, West Nepal
    The Shuklaphanta National Park Gate. Photo Credit: Ashim GC
  2. Major Attractions and Activities: Wildlife Safaris, Chadani Dodhara bridge, Ghoda-ghodi lake, Bedkot Taal, Mahakali River, etc.

    Birds of West Nepal
    A Purple Heron spotted at Ghoda Ghodi lake. Credit: Ashim GC, HoneyGuide
  3. Religious and Historical Sights: Bageshwari temple, Behada Baba Temple, Siddha Baba Temple, etc

    Attractions of Nepalgunj
    Jungeshwor Mahadev in Nepalgunj.
  4. Flora and fauna: Whether you are interested in Mammals like Bengal Tigers, Asiatic Elephants, and One-horned rhinos, Reptiles like Gharials, Asian Rock Python or birds or plants or even butterflies of any kind, we have it all covered for you!

    Fauna of West Nepal
    Mugger Crocodile playing hide and seek at Shuklaphanta National Park. Credits: Ashim GC
  5. Local culture and lifestyle: Language, culture, ethnicity, festivals, food habits, etc of the locals.

    Street food of West Nepal
    Another fun experience from West Nepal- The mouthwatering Street food.
  6. Complete lodge coverages: Every single homestays, lodges, hotels, and restaurant in the area.
  7. Infrastructure Coverage: All the Banks, hotels, schools, checkpoints and hospitals.
  8. Interesting stories, more Stories, and even more Stories: Through research as well as local interaction, we will bring you local mythologies and folklore.

We believe, this step will majorly help to boost the Tourism in the ‘Wild West Nepal’. With the overall coverage of accommodations, every single hotels, lodges, homestays, and service will be exposed directly to the travelers. Even the undermined tourist attractions will receive attention and travelers can enjoy the localized experiences. The ‘Wild West’ will soon be an awaited tourist destination of Nepal.

Dodhara Chadani Bridge. Far West Nepal
Dodhara Chadani- The suspension bridge for pedestrians in Mahakali.

Work Progress

After a successful ‘Travel And Get Paid’ Campaign on Social Media, we received an overwhelming response from researchers and writers wishing to explore the ‘Wild West’. Among them, we have selected the enthusiastic duo- Ashim GC and Florence Reynolds, who are a combination of travelers, researchers, and writers, all in one! They are on the field and you can follow their journey by visiting our Facebook Page!

If any of you have interesting stories, facts or experiences to share, HoneyGuide will be more than happy to feature them on our website! Send in your stories to

Let us know what you think about this campaign!

HoneyGuide: To The Wild West!

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