Chiraito- Wonder Herb and A Growing Export Business in Nepal

Chiraito (Swertia chirata), since ancient times, it has been one of the most reliable medications in Hilly and mountainous regions of Nepal. Used for a variety of ailments, it was one of the most commonly used ingredients for many types of medications of its day. Recorded medical beneficial traits of the Herb are: Anti-ulcer, CNS depressant, blood-sugar levels control, anti-inflammation, anti-microbial, blood purifying properties, proven laxative, bile secreting liver stimulant, anti-anemia, and also anti-asthmatic, and so on.  It is commonly found in hilly and mountainous region of Nepal between 1,800 meters and 3,000 meters. It is also quickly becoming a major export of Nepal. The current market price of the mountain herb is at Rs 700 per kilogram.

Chiraito, a wonder herb in Nepal which is used for medical purposes.

Chiraito (Swertia), a medicinal herb found in broadleaf forests and on open slopes all along the Himalayan Mountains, from 1,800 to 3,000 meters.



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