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5 Weird Things You See Only in Kathmandu


1. Even though the Grim Reaper has already booked this house , there are people who turn a blind eye not only to safety standards but also to the Reaper himself.
Let's hope this image reminds the Kathmandu Metropolitan City Office of the wonderful job they are doing.Funny things in Kathmandu. House about to fall apart in Kathmandu, Nepal. Disaster may occur anytime.


2. The differentiation between the Public and the Private is an utterly alien concept here in Kathmandu. In the picture below a shop overflows onto the streets and nobody minds.Funny things in Kathmandu. Expanding the store by occupying the road in Kathmandu.

Mannequins of another shop overflows into the floor above.Funny things in Kathmandu. Hanging products for display in a store in Kathmandu.


3. This house stands in stark contrast to the fact that Kathmandu is prone to earthquakes.
Funny things in Kathmandu, The congested building in the new urban Kathmandu.



4. Every electrical pole in Kathmandu could be an installation art reminding viewers of the jumbled nature of post modern life.
Funny things in Kathmandu. Wires all over the head of the people living in the Kathmandu.


5. These signboards provide marketing for businesses and laughter therapy for the rest. 
Funny things in Kathmandu

Funny things in Kathmandu.


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