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How to go to Nepal by land?

Log on to the internet and open up and then just type “flights to Nepal’ and in no time there will be dozens of flight booking sites you can choose from. There will also be dozens of Airline website trying to sell tickets to you and if you want to screw yourself with something a lot more complicated and a lot less reliable, then you can chose from websites of thousand of travel agencies from all over the world.  
Now, goofiness aside, being a land locked country, the best way to get to Nepal is via international flights. However, despite not being in use by the vast majority of travellers who come to Nepal, there are actually ways to reach Nepal via roads. Nepal shares border with only two nations, India and China. So, there are the only two countries to reach Nepal by overland.
It’s a much easier read if the entry points are categorized according to countries. So here it goes: