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Outside of South-Asia, Middle-East is the most important region to Nepal’s economy today. Over one million Nepalese people live and work in Middle-East as expats and migrant workers. Hundreds of Nepalese travel to and fro from glitzy cities of Middle-East. Add to that the great admissions of many states in region to become tourism and commercial hubs, flights from Nepal to such hubs of the regions connects Nepal with nearly all cities in the world with high significance.

1.Doha,Qatar To Nepal

Qatar Airways operates 3 daily flights to and from Kathmandu each. Doha to Kathmandu is the second most frequented flight route used by Europeans to travelling to Nepal and from Nepal. It looks as though the famous Qatar Airways has been targeting the vast number of Nepali labor migrants who work throughout the Middle East. Hamad International Airport has at least half a dozen flights to and from every European capital city. There are well more than a dozen daily flights to and from Doha connecting major European cities like London, Paris, Madrid and so on. The airport’s sites say it’s the best Airport in Middle East with the Best Staffs as per Skytrax Awards 2016.


Hamad International Airport - One of its giant halls with two giant TV screens

Nepal Airlines too flies to Doha from Kathmandu and back four times a week: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Nepal Airlines does offer more cheap flights to Kathmandu.

Nepal Airline Airbus

Mr Been  "A few times I took this route; the vast majority of the passengers seem to be just humble members of the blue-collar army that is holding Nepalese economy together, trying to reduce poverty rate in Nepal. Europeans headed to Nepal looks to be their second best set of customers. Qatar Airways has to be this way as Nepal still has the seasonal tourism virus in its system, which it has been desperately trying to shake off since the last few decades. Seasonal tourism slacks are more than compensated by regularly travelling workers. It’s this very paradoxical set of passengers that make this and few other routes interesting and it might help to save some tips in your neck top memory. You will be meeting a lot of Nepalese before visiting Nepal." 

While Nepali Blue collar army maybe the least demanding set of customers, they can also be hard to handle especially if the other set of values & priorities are largely incompatible, or at least it would appear so for the short duration of flight. While Nepali travellers maybe impressed with any kind of airplane food, impressing the other set is not easy at all. From a travellers perspective it’s amazing how Qatar Airways manages to make the balance.

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How does it affect me?

  1. Flight to Doha from a London or Frankfurt maybe a pleasantly mundane one, inflight demography will alter sharply especially in months that are recognized either as monsoon or winter. Don’t panic, you are still in the right flight.
  2. If you happen to be in the flight that takes off from Doha at 0815 local time, post-breakfast flights will definitely have many waiting in queue for loos. Either conduct your big business in the airport privy before takeoff or try and be among the first to enter the loo because the loo will turn third world pretty quickly. If you don’t have tolerance level of third world, then your body and mind may get a crash course to help adapt to something you may encounter a lot more.
  3. Nepal Airlines is mysteriously has little presence in many of in international booking portals like, or in other similar sites. To make a Nepal Airlines booking is hard. The biggest reason perhaps is because they have so little flights in total.
  4. Going from one of the best in the world to Tribhuvan International Airport is going to be a surreal experience. The international Airport in Kathmandu is in a league of its own. If you have already been there, then you know we are on about. If you have not, here are some references that may prepare you in advance:

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                          c. Tribhuvan International Airport

Lawrence of Himalayas "Smaller aircrafts operate Doha-Kathmandu-Doha route and they have very few business class seats. If you prefer to travel to Nepal via business class or first class, then book well in advance. A flight to third world country obviously has fewer number of luxury travellers and hence few luxury seats available."

Mr Been  "Patriotism is not a reason enough for me to fly without any entertainment systems on board when there are options to fly in one where you can watch good movies in an individual screen in front of you. Its hard for me to imagine anyone preferring Nepal Airlines over Qatar when they have a choice but other airlines can so easily be fully booked. Because of the low presence and preference, seats can be available even in the busiest of times in our national airlines. "

2.Sarjah, U.AE To Nepal

This lesser known city in U.A.E likes to stay under the shadow of neo-global cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi who seemingly decided to woo the whole world and Sarjah seems to have chosen niche to cater more to regional commerce and a cosmopolitan city with inclination to adherence of Muslim culture.
Like other cities in the regions, it too has spared little effort to make its mark but on its own terms. It has not sacrificed as much of local traditions as Dubai and Abu Dhabi have done which makes it marginally more appealing to many but also repelling.

Sharajh Airport
Air Arabia is a budget airline with three daily flights to Kathmandu from Sarjah and back, 21 flights a week by single airline to Kathmandu make this a great one for Nepal. The flight though is targeted for vast Nepalese labor force working in the Middle East. It does offer probably the cheapest route or flight fro Europeans to travel to Nepal. 

How does it affect me?

  1. Air Arabia is one of only two budget airlines from Middle East that fly to Nepal. Their flights are much cheaper than other options from Middle East that is expected.
  2. It is also among the only two budget Airlines that connects Europe with Nepal. Such connect are relatively rare and budget airline tend to operate from smaller airports since they are much cheaper to operate from. The drawback is the lack of connecting flight major hubs normally offer. 
  3. Sarjah is just 40 kilometers away from Dubai and Abu Dhabi is just over 140 kilometers allowing one to land in one city and take off from another – improving connectivity exponentially.

Art-Her-From-Her: "If you want to fly from England to Nepal all the way in the most economic way, then Gatwick Airport is the only one Air Arabia flies to and from. Since it is hard to fly all the way to Nepal in budget airlines, Air Arabia might be a more significant one. If you want to fly all the way to Kathmandu from Europe, the list given below will be appropriate information to refer to."

Lawrence of Himalayas: "If you don’t want to travel all the to Nepal in a Budget Airline but still save some money, or see extra places along the way, or if you happen to not get seats in desired budget flights, there are way to navigate around this. Fly to one of the major cities, either Dubai or Abu Dhabi, as they are just 40 and 140 kilometers away from Sarjah."

3.Abu Dhabi, UAE To Nepal

The second most popular but probably the most important city in UAE. Many trends hints at the deliberate policy of Abu Dhabi trying to be a scientific, commercial and cultural hub for Middle-East and hence is featured less by glamour oriented publicity channels. Abu is not as well connected to rest of the world as Dubai is, perhaps deliberately as tourism is not as much a priority to Abu Dhabi. Etihad Airways is its official carrier and it’s a known brand by all means.

Abu Dhabi International Airport
If one wants to fly to Kathmandu with a well-known Airline from major cities of Europe or U.S this is a great option, there are alternatives though.  

Etihad Airways

How does it affect me?

  1. Its means that travelling to Nepal from Europe or major cities in American east coast now has a great deal of options, including a couple of budget Airlines and many globally recognized Airlines. It also means that chances of ticket shortage during tourist seasons in Nepal are less.
  2. In most airports or cities, indigenous airlines tend to share equal levels of flight and seat capacity in any particular route. In Abu Dhabi, Etihad Airways is the sole airline that flies majority of the routes to and from Abu Dhabi. From many cities in the world that Etihad Airways flies to, chances are that it is the only option. To Kathmandu, it is a good option as per many passengers.
  3. For passengers headed to United States of America, flying from Abu Dhabi via Etihad Airways saves one a good deal of formalities in U.S. In terminal 3, from which most flight of Etihad Airways operates has a U.S Customs and Border Protection facility. Thanks to it, after security clearance there, passengers arriving in U.S. will be treated as domestic travellers saving passengers from hassle of long immigration and security checks. 


Art-Her-From-Her " Although Etihad Airways seem to have a brand image of being a top quality Airline, many independent Airline rating sites such as Skytrax or even in comments in, there are more than fair share of complaints. While complaints are inevitable, the proportion of positive vs negative reviews has to be taken into account."
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4. Istanbul, Turkey To Nepal

Istanbul Ataturk Airport is 13th busiest Airport in terms of number of passengers handled. It’s the ninth busiest in the world for international air passengers handled and the third most busy in the whole of Europe after London Heathrow and Paris Charles DE Gaulle. Turkish Airlines offers the only direct connection between Kathmandu and Europe. If you take the number of flights out of the equation, this might be the most convenient of all option for Europeans to travel to Nepal, also for travellers from east coats of Americas. Only one flight a day also has a great deal of downsides. Lack of seats will definitely push prices higher due to lower number of seats available and if delayed enough in your transit flight, the best option is to wait another 24 hours. Thanks to obvious benefits, this flight has high demand. 


Jane Knowall "This is a great route to take but this flight has a well-maintained record of delays in winter due to heavy fog. No one wants to circle in the air for hours after a 9 hr flight. There have been many instances of the planes forced to land in Delhi for few hours. That few hours are more than good enough to dampen your mood. When an aircraft that is suppose to land at 0600 hrs lands at noon, passengers waiting to head back home will have to wait."