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Being a country at the lower spectrum of economic development, Nepal is inconsequential in global scale of things. The majestic Himalayas of Nepal has always been perceived as the central point of spirituality, tranquility but more importantly, adventure, which effectively negates that notion.
Flights to Nepal from major travel hubs are comparatively scarce but it’s nevertheless fairly well connected and exponentially better then what little connectivity Nepal had just 10 years ago.
In the old days, when the Internet was mostly for emails, chats and porn; “How to go to Nepal?” was a common question for people who really wanted to travel to Nepal. Only the travel companies who specialized in adventure could possibly provide information on Nepal.
It does not require as much planning today for good trips to Nepal, only few clicks on any one of hundreds of flight booking websites will do. It does however help in choosing the best airline, shortest route or the cheapest, among other qualities. The literature below will allow you to begin your holiday in Nepal in style and comfort.