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Hello adventurers staring at your 20th century invention at the moment! I am Art-Her From-Her, the tour guide and I am here to brief you guys about some of the best things Nepal has to offer, I am here to brief you guys about the "Best of Nepal" section. I am sure you have seen many click batish titles with the word "best" in it. "5 best this", "10 best that" etc. "Best of Nepal" is somewhat similar but completely different. You will find the difference if you choose to continue reading.

Labelling something as "Best of Nepal" is always difficult as there is always something better. There’s so much to choose from: be it trekking in Nepal, the Nepal Mountain, Nepal wildlife, Nepal culture, Nepali people etc. Every aspect of Nepal is equally enticing. Throughout my life I have guided many adventurers like you through the lush and raw beauty of Nepal and never have I been bored; I fall in love with Nepal every single time. Not to get you confused, here’s the overview of everything that will make you want to come back to Nepal over and over again. To make it easy for you and hard for me I have provided the best 3 for every topic that follows. Sit tight!

best of nepal