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For people who don’t know, Nepal is just a small country located in South Asia between India and China. But for those that do know, Nepal is a country so expansive in its variety that it transcends the notion of big and small, a country so beautiful that you will keep coming back for more and a country with such depth that even after 10 visits you would have barely scratched the surface.

Now let’s try to understand why Nepal is one of the most amazing places on earth and why Nepalis are the coolest people. And it all starts with where Nepal is located. No matter how you look at it, Nepal is always located at the boundary points, at the fringe where big worlds meet. It is at the boundary points yes, but it has also been far removed and different from those worlds. It is this dichotomy that makes Nepal the awesome place it is.

Now let's locate Nepal on the world map, shall we?