To cut a long story short, while HoneyGuide Apps started as an excuse for us to travel, it has now become the reason we travel. Both of the co-founders Abhishek and Ashish have been passionate about travel and mountains since an early age. The difference perhaps is that Abhishek is interested in things ‘civilized’ while Ashish loves it ‘wild’ and through our years of travel we have developed an understanding of the mountains of Nepal. And this is what we offer you in HoneyGuide.

Our passions would have come to nothing, hadn’t we been joined by the common belief that guidebooks as we know it is dead. First, they limit themselves to broad brushstrokes and in doing so do not deliver what the user truly needs. Say for example you wish to find the name of a mountain while trekking. While this is common enough scenario, there isn’t a single guidebook which can help you on this front. Second, all guidebooks are text heavy and rather novel like in their flow. It is not only impossible to find relevant information quickly in such a format but such a mode of presentation is also by its very nature prescriptive. Sometimes it feels as if the writer is trying to create a xerox of her experiences through her recommendations. Third, large publishers often employ writers that are neither experts nor natives. As such, they can at best provide a touristy view rather than the depth and understanding of a native. And to pay for such content and mode of presentation in this day and age is to encourage the indolence, inertia and indifference of large publishers.

At the other end of this spectrum are a new crop of guidebooks that are little more than content aggregators. While these guidebooks are generally great for very popular places, they suffer heavily from inaccuracies and are prone to commercial biases. This approach is not only useless in less popular places but will never be able to deliver the depth and authenticity of a well-researched guidebook. Also very few work offline!!

As such, both ways have their merits and shortcomings. The ideal solution lies in a symbiosis of well-researched and user-generated content delivered in an interactive way which is respectful of the needs of a traveller whether she be trekking, sightseeing, cycling or safariing. And that is exactly what HoneyGuide Apps is.  

Our core principles are:

  • Safety first.
  • Provide activity specific user experience.
  • Put out relevant, interesting and exclusive content along with user-generated reviews.
  • Employ experts and natives for content creation.

Why “HoneyGuide”???

Honeyguide is a bird that has an unusual habit of guiding men, badgers and bears to honeycombs. And when the animal feeds on the honey, the honeyguide feasts on the beeswax and grubs. We named the app after this amazing bird, because we intend our products to establish a similar symbiotic relationship with travellers.