Position: Front End Developer (HTML/CSS).

Number of Positions: 1

Honeyguide is looking for someone who can understand the users, the design process and build applications using tools available to them.

Hard Skills

  1. Should have good understanding in HTML & CSS ( SASS ), with 1+ years experience in the field.
  2. Should have some working Javascript knowledge.
  3. Knowledge on Version Control Systems such as Git/Mercurial will be added bonus.
  4. Should be able to use design tools such as Photoshop/Adobe Ai.
  5. Should be able to work with Wordpress.

Expected Outcomes

  • Will demonstrate a clear understanding of technologies that exist between different devices that exist.
    • Learn- User Research
    • Learn- Differences and Similarities between mobile platforms, mobile platform, and web platform.
    • Learn/Build- Development practices.
    • Learn/Build- Software development workflows
  • Will demonstrate a clear capacity at cross-functional interaction with.
    • Design Team
    • Engineering Team
    • Founding Team
  • Will complete the given tasks in the following projects in the next six months
    • HoneyGuide Website Overhaul 
    • Flights Booking Application
    • Lodge Booking Application

Competencies ( Attributes )

  • Aesthetics
    • Should be able to replicate given design documents to appropriate web/mobile interfaces using HTML/CSS.
  • Curiosity
    • Has to be open for anything new that’s happening in the world.
  • Stubborn
    • Has to be stubborn enough to solve a given problem, if something can’t be done on the surface dig at least twice before giving up.
  • Communication
    • Can effectively communicate with design team about possibilities and/or time constraints on features given by design team.
    • Can effectively communicate with the engineering team on changes in development procedures.
    • Can effectively communicate problems with supervisors or random person on the internet to get the best possible solution.
  • Research and Understand
    • Know how and why some things work. Understand the internals, read the code, Understanding history sometimes help.
  • Proactive
    • Willing to take risks, implementing or building an implementation on unconventional design patterns to verify their ideas.
  • Learning
    • always learn new things, whether it be programming language or photography.

Cross-Functional Interactions

  1. Will work with design team to align with the thought process that has gone on building up application.
  2. Will work with frontend engineers, and should act as a bridge between design and front-end team.

If you think you fit the bill, please send the following to honeyhunter@honeyguideapps.com:

  1. Updated CV/Resume.
  2. Github/Gitlab/Bitbucket profile.

Selection Process

Step 1: Review of CV/Resume.

Step 2: Interview.

Step 3: Assignment.

PS: An application will not be considered complete without all given parts. We will not review incomplete applications. Also, we do not discriminate on sex, race, age, marital status, religion, sexual inclination or fetishes. Please do not include such information in your application.



HoneyGuide Apps is an exciting travel-tech startup and happens to be the most amazing place you can work in Kathmandu right now. Here is why:


  • We have an in-house curriculum to help you understand the core principles about the stuff you will be working on.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making means that the best ideas win and there will be numbers to back it up.
  • Rather than features, we focus on running experiments which means all of us learn something new all the time.
  • Since roles are ill-defined and departments are non-existent here, you will learn about technology, marketing, photography, sales, culture, analytics, networking, design and everything else in between.
  • You will also be learning a lot from the diversity in the founding team. ( Abhishek Pande , Ashish Shrestha and Diwaker Ghimire )


  • Look at our app. Something like this has never been done before. It isn’t hard to see that innovation is in our DNA.
  • Sloppy and mediocre work has no place at HoneyGuide. If it isn’t five times better than what is out there, we trash it.
  • That said, HoneyGuide isn’t for everybody. HoneyGuide is a refuge for people who were too smart for school, too headstrong for teachers, too creative for banks, too motivated for an INGO and too adventurous for a routine job.


If you want to know more

And finally,

  • 2 day weekend
  • Flexible work hours

We understand it was a long read just to get to the Job Description, but amazing teams are built by understanding each other’s hopes and fears. Please take time to understand what HoneyGuide stands for by going through our blogs and social media channels. We too shall go beyond your GPA and work experience during the interviews. ;)