Secrets of Annapurna-SlideShare

Annapurna Circuit is one of the most famous  destination for trekking in Nepal which sees thousands of trekkers every year. However, the hidden local attractions and lesser-known routes of the region still elude the majority of trekkers. We thought it wouldn't be fair if we kept these interesting secrets of Annapurna Circuit to ourselves. We're sharing slides so that everyone can benefit from these information and enjoy the full beauty of Annapurna Circuit trek.

Download the slides and start uncovering the secrets of Annapurna.

Check out the pictures below of our 'Secrets of Annapurna' event where secrets were revealed and new trekking opportunities were opened. We would like to thank everyone who joined our event and we hope to see familiar along with new faces in our next week's event.

Presentation in Google Earth

Secrets of Annapurna Circuit being revealed

Feedback and suggestion time after the presentation



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