Plan and Run your trek to the Himalayas in a New Way.

Mt. Everest- Why do people keep going there?

Trekkers in Everest

While just the word ‘Everest’ evokes an image of great himalayas and a tall, formidable mountain peak with an everlasting blizzard, in reality it is so much more. On the way to Everest Base Camp, one has to trek through Sagarmatha National Park, the world’s highest national park which comprises of a small world of its own and a lucky person can witness the sight of even a rare snow leopard or a Himalayan Black Bear. Surrounded by a background of majestic mountains and high altitude-residing wildlife and vegetation below a clear blue sky, one cannot help but wonder if one has entered heaven.

Whether it be the source of livelihood for the Sherpas, the desire to conquer for adventurers, the obsession to break records for quirky angry birder or simply the breathtaking beauty of the mountain for the average trekkers, Everest has something for everyone. Hopefully, the video helps you find the reason to visit Nepal and reminds you of the wildlife, the mountains, the scenery and of course, the people-these are the things of Mt.Everest and Nepal, in general which are too good to be missed.

Nepal has been steadily recovering after the devastating earthquake and the comparatively low number of tourists means that one can experience authentic social interaction with locals and authentic cultural experience.

So visit Nepal and experience her mesmerizing beauty, her recovering strength and her endless culture. Find your calling to be in Nepal right now!

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- John Muir
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- William Blake
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- Sir Ranulph Fiennes