Let's Go Everest this Dashain with our Unbeatable Offers!

हरेक नेपालीलाई सगरमाथा

हामी नेपालीको पहिचान र शिरको शान सगरमाथालाई दुर्भाग्यवश् कमैमात्र नेपालीले नजिकबाट देखेका छौँ। नेपाली पुस्तकको पाठमा सीमित हुनपुगेको सगरमाथालाई बढीभन्दा बढी नेपालीको आँखासामु ल्याउन प्रतिबद्ध छ हनीगाइड।

तपाइँसँग दुई दिन होस् वा दुई हप्ता, रु चार हजार होस् वा चालीस, फरक केही पर्नेछैन। तपाइँ साथीहरुसँग साहसिक किसिमले जान चाहनुहुन्छ अथवा परिवारसँग सहज किसिमले, सगरमाथा हेर्ने तपाइँको सपना हामी पुरा गर्ने छौँ। र हरेक दुई हप्तामा एकजानालाई सित्तैमा सगरमाथा हेर्ने मौकापनि दिनेछौँ।

बस् हाम्रो सपना यतिहोकि कोहीपनि नेपालीलाई कसैले सोध्दा, “अह् मैले सगरमाथा देखेको छैन” भन्नु नपरोस्।

Namche Trek 4N/5D Easy  13,999
Two Way KTM-Lukla Flight 25 min Easy 11,080
Heli Tour to Everest Base Camp 1N/2D Easy 46,999
Mountain Flight to Everest 1 hour Easy 9,999
Gokyo Lakes Trek 10N/11D Moderate 36,999
Everest Base Camp Trek 11N/12D Moderate 39,999
Everest Base Camp with Gokyo Lakes Trek 14N/15D Hard 47,999
Everest Three Passes Trek 18N/19D Hard 61,999
Overnight @ Hotel Everest View 1N/2D Easy 14,500
Mera Peak Tour 13N/14D Hard 54,999

In case of any questions or confusions, please feel free to Call / WhatsApp / Viber / Email Ashish at any time. 😉

Everest Giveaway Campaign

We will be running the giveaway campaign till May 15. The giveaways will be as per the following schedule:

1 1 March, 2021- 15 March, 2021 2 Way Kathmandu to Lukla Flight
2 16 March, 2021- 30 March, 2021 Namche Trek
3 1 April, 2021 – 15 April, 2021 Namche Trek
4 16 April, 2021 – 30 April, 2021 Everest Experience Mountain Flight
5 1 May, 2021 – 15 May, 2021 Namche Trek

To win the giveaways, please follow the steps below:


Share the following link and image in your facebook profile and take a screenshot of the post.




Create one of the following and send it to us in HoneyGuide’s Messenger, WhatsApp, or Facebook page.

  1. A picture of you with ‘everest’ in the background. ‘Everest’ could be Everest momo, Everest bank, a photoshopped image of Everest, or anything with Everest in it.
  2. A meme about Everest.
  3. A video about Everest. It could be about why you want to go to Everest or a joke about Everest.


After we post your image/meme/video on HoneyGuide’s facebook page, ask your friends to like the post. If you can make sure that your post gets the highest number of likes, you will get a chance to go to Everest Region for free. 🙂

Gallery from 2020

Here are some of the images from the tours we ran last year:




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